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Zoompha (ズームファー, Zuumufaa?) is a motorcycle-like Bakugan Mobile Assault, that was released in the Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge line. It's Titanium Dragonoid's and Taylean's Mobile Assault. Its move in Bakugan Dimensions is Boost Rush.



Zoompha transforms into a motorcycle-like assault vehicle. It's speed and agility provide exceptional maneuverability within battle.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge


Two Zoomphas made their first appearance in Battle Lines, where they were used by Titanium Dragonoid and Taylean to travel through Gundalia. Both were destroyed by a Pyrus Iron Dragonoid.



The Darkus version has 210 Gs, the Pyrus version has 200 Gs, and the Subterra version has 200 Gs.

Reference Cards

  • May be used on Copper and Gold Gate Cards.
  • +50 G-Power for each Gate Card in a used pile at the start of the battle.


  • It seems that Zoompha is a variation of Raytheus, another motorcycle type Mobile Assault Vehicle used by Dan in Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.
  • Zoompha's Bakugan form closely resembles the Light Cycles from the movie Tron: Legacy.
  • Some of its toy released forms do not have DNA Codes, due to Dimensions closing down in July like most Mechtanium Surge Wave 2 releases.
  • On its Reference Card, it shows Fabia (in human form and Castle Knight attire) riding a Pyrus Zoompha like it is a normal motorcycle.