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Worton (ワートン, Waaton?) is a BakuFusion Bakugan. He combines with Balista to form Volkaos. He is one of the Guardian Bakugan of Wiseman. His Battle Suit is Clawbruk.



Worton is a fierce combatant who is capable of defeating enemies in nearly any environment. He is also intelligent, as he sensed that there were no Bakugan on New Vestroia and living on Earth with the Humans. Most of the Nonets addressed him as the "Professor". After being betrayed by Wiseman, he aids the brawlers in their quest to stop him.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[]

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In Evil Arrival, he appeared in the Doom Dimension along with the other Nonet Bakugan, telling the evil Mechtogan (Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor) that there are no Bakugan on New Vestroia anymore when the Mechtogan wanted to kill the Bakugan there. When Slycerak accused him of lying Baslita told the Mechtogn that Worton is all seeing and all knowing. They all left for Earth before Worton could tell them about Dan Kuso and Drago.

In Wiseman Cometh, he was freed from the Doom Dimension by Wiseman along with the other Nonets after learning that Drago is the descendant of the Original Dragonoid who banished the Nonets. He then fought Drago, Jaakor and Radizen along with other Nonets after arriving on Earth, but he barely battled since he didn't attack any of the Brawlers Bakugan. After Betadron tells the brawlers who the Nonets are, he helped summon the evil Mechtogan and was later defeated alongside the other Nonets when they lost control of Mechtavius Destroyer.

In Mysterious Bond, he was seen in ball form with the other Nonets.

In The Prodigal Bakugan, Worton and the rest of the Nonets were seen in a flashback when Shun was telling Jakkor about the foes they have to face. Worton was later seen with Stronk and Tremblar in ball form at Wiseman's hideout getting scared by Betadron's rage after losing to Drago. He then watches as Wiseman picks Spatterix and Stronk to go after another member of the Battle Brawlers.

In Combination Impossible, he was shown telling the Nonets that while they lost against Dan and Shun, two strong brawlers. They should target Marucho Marukura the weakest one. Wiseman praises Worton for his intelligence and takes him and Balista to Marucho's power plant. He and Balista later fought against Radizen and Roxtor. He joined the battle to help Balista out against Radizen. He ended up using Air Cutter and Dawn Tentacle to break through Radizen's shield. He then used a stronger attack and broke though the shield and then Balista froze Radizen. Radizen got free and attacked the two Nonets with Luster Drain. The two then fused into Volkaos, but ultimately lost when Roxtor joined the fight and he and Radizen formed Betakor. Worton then asked Wiseman if that was how humans and Bakugan battle with Wiseman telling Worton he must have learned a lot from the battle.

In Enemy Allies, he battled the Brawlers Bakugan (except Skytruss and Orbeum) along with the other Nonets in the park. He mostly battled Reptak using Air cutter on him causing Reptak to use Spar hook to counter his attack. He then got attacked by Jaakor's supreme jet shot alongside Mutabrid, Betadron and Spaterix. Later, he and the Nonets helped summon the evil Mechtogan. They were later defeated when Mechtavius Destroyer lost the battle.

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In Gunz Blazing, he told the Nonet Bakugan that he thinks that Wiseman is using the Transporter Card that Masquerade used.

In Battle Suit Bash, he was seen in ball form with the other Nonets listing to Wiseman as he told them that it was for the best that he lost because they now have the Bakugan Battle Suits.

In Countdown to Doomsday, he battled the Brawlers Bakugan along with the other Nonets and had rocks thrown on him by Roxtor's Power Coronith. He later fused into Volkaos and battled Magmafury with help from Tremblar and managed to knockdown their opponent with Blast Burn. He then helped summon the evil Mechtogan. He was later transported back to Wiseman's headquarters along with the other Nonets when Mechtavius Destroyer defeated Dragonoid Destroyer.

In The Eve of Extermination, he followed Balista who wanted to show him the secret room where Gunz Lazar was located asking him why do Gunz and Wiseman look the same. He then told Balista to forget what he has seen and to focus on the current situation which is defeating the Brawlers. He then added that they will revisit this at a later date. He then flew away and didn't see the room. He later battled the Brawlers Bakugan along with the other Nonets in a stadium. He and Balista were hit by Radizen's Slash boomerang. He later helped summon the evil Mechtogan along with the other Nonets. While in the cloud he and the nonets chanted for the death of Drago which fulfilled the Mechtogan's powers. He was later defeated when Mechtavius Destroyer lost the battle to Flytris and Thorak.

In Jump to Victory, he battled Fusion Dragonoid, Reptak, and Aerogan alongside Balista. In round 1, he was protected thanks to Balista using Switch Blizzard. Reptak then used Spar Hook to attack him and Balista, but he saved Balista thanks to using Hyper Agility. He fought Reptak in the sky with Reptak attacking him with his hooks. Worton dogged them all then used his tentacles to send Reptak down. Drago tried to attack him in the sky, but Worton knocked him down with his tentacles as well. They then combined into Volkaos and won the first round. But was defeated by Aerogan and Dragonoid Destroyers jumping attacks, causing them to lose the fight.

In Enemy Infiltration, he was used to summoning the fully revived Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor alongside the other Nonets. He then told Wiseman that the time for talk was over and now was the time for action.

In Gunz Lives, he asked Wiseman where Balista was, who told Worton that he had no idea where Balista was, simply stating "Maybe he got his nose stuck somewhere it shouldn't have been". Later on, he, Spatterix, and Stronk fend off the Brawlers using their own Battle Suits once they arrive on the island. He brawls against Radizen using Clawbruk declaring that he will crush his opponent who was also using Clawbruk. He told Stronk to fire on Drago which he avoided the shot. There suits went head-to-head looking equally matched while the Nonets (expect Balista) fought the Brawlers Bakugan (except Roxtor) until Wiseman reveals himself to be Coredegon and beats all the Bakugan.

In Evil Evolution, he attacks Coredegon alongside the Nonets (expect Balista) but is defeated in one strike. He and the others then notice a portal to the Doom Dimension. When Wiseman returns to the cave, he then realizes that Wiseman was the reason why Balista died. Coredegon issued a threat to the Nonets saying that they can be killed with Earth or die in the Doom Dimension. After Gunz becomes the new Wiseman, he refuses to battle with Mechtavius Destroyer (presumably due to the fact that Balista is dead and being unable to form Volkaos) and returns to the Doom Dimension, saying that it is a battle that cannot be won.

He appeared at the end of Doom Dimension Throwdown after Dan and Gunz's battle and had a vision about Mechtavius Destroyer destroying Bakugan City. He warned the Brawlers about the consequences if they do not defeat Mechtavius Destroyer and told them that Mechtavius Destroyer already began destroying Earth and New Vestroia.

In Blast From the Past, Worton told the Brawlers and Betadron of the Current of Time mentioning how he saw Balista during his first visit and saw his past self-talking to him about Gunz. They all went through where they each saw memories of their past. Worton and Betadron sacrificed themselves to keep the current open enough for all of them to get through.

Ability Cards
  • Air Cutter
  • Dawn Tentacle
  • Deadly Tentacle
  • Hyper Agility

Physical Game[]

The Aquos version has 960 Gs, the Pyrus version has 910 Gs and 1020 Gs. The Ventus version has 960 Gs.


  • In Bakugan form, he appears to be like a floating shaman.
  • He seems to be revered by the other Nonet Bakugan and is possibly their spiritual leader.
  • His ability Air Cutter shares the same name as a Flying-type move from Pokémon.
  • Worton is the only main Ventus attributed antagonist in the anime that doesn't have wings in Bakugan form.
  • In the anime, Worton's head has two connectors on his head, while in the game it is a single peg.
  • He and Betadron are the only Nonets to not be killed by Coredegon and become allies of the brawlers.
  • He seemed to be the only Nonet that knew about Dan and Drago before Wiseman told the others about them.
  • Him calling Marucho and Radizen the weakest brawlers isn't incorrect seeing how Marucho lost to both Dan and Shun and never once beat them in battle.
  • Out of all the Brawlers Bakugan he seems to have a rivalry with Radizen as he fights him the most and taunts him whenever the Nonets and Brawlers Bakugan face off in battle. The rivalry stopped after Worton allied with the Bralwers.