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Wind Blade

29ah Wind Blade

Play after you roll a Ventus Bakugan but does not land on a Gate Card. Place a Pyrus Bakugan from your used or unused pile into any Gate Card.
Series: Bakugan: New Vestroia
Type: Red Ability Card
Power Level: N/A
Attribute Bonuses:
Pyrus Pyrus: N/A
Aquos Aquos: N/A
Subterra Subterra: N/A
Haos Haos: N/A
Darkus Darkus: N/A
Ventus Ventus: N/A
30/48ah (printed as 29/48ah)

Featured With[]


  • This card is most likely supposed to be 30/48ah, but it is printed as 29/48ah, which is the same as Great Mountain Breaker.