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Who Are You? is the seventy-sixth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.



The Awesome Ones have come to Benton's office after he called them there, they talk to him about how the Drome malfunctioned and the destruction caused by their battling is still there. Benton tells about his studies the data he has on battles, Core Cells, and the Maze. His conclusion is the planet Vestroia has an ecosystem that produces energy sustained and produced by Core Cells, Bakugan battles, and the drome that forms the nucleus of the battle. The very foundation of all these three things is an energy cycle, which explains how the battle energy purified the corrupted Core Cell. Vestroia has a considerable influence on Vestroia now, and Tiko is trying to destroy Vestroia using the V Virus. Benton then feels a sharp pain again from the infection, he wonders what is going on with him lately. Tiko takes controls Benton to awaken Hydranoid, while the real Benton watches as Tiko is trying to use his precious Bakugan.

Benton shows off his Hydranoid to Dan and the others and challenges them to a battle, which Dan accepts. Hydranoid is a formidable opponent, and Dan decides to evolve Drago into Titan Dragonoid to power him up. While posessing Benton, Tiko notices the wings on Titan Dragonoid, the annoying roar, he refers to Drago as "Maximus". After a fierce battle, Benton discusses something Dan and the others need to do; they need to attach more connectors on all Core Cells to make them open-source and protected from Tiko, but Tiko starts to control Benton to stop him from speaking.

Benton speaks with Tiko in his mind, telling him that he is lying to the brawlers. In reality, Tiko wants to use the open-source network to take over Vestroia. Tiko tells Benton that he is correct, and he wants to use his knowledge and body to do that. Tiko then "gets rid" of Benton and takes full control of him, with "Benton" tells the AO that his medicine has kicked in and they don't need to worry about his pain anymore. The possessed Benton tells the AO that he has another task for them, that there is a most important Great Core Cell that has different wavelengths from the other ones, so he wants them to look for it. Benton then shakes Dan's hand, vowing to continue to protect the Bakugan and Core Cells together, but the Awesome Ones are unaware that Benton is being controlled by the evil Tiko...

Featured Brawls

  • Dan Kouzo (Dragonoid) vs. Benton Dusk (Hydranoid) = Unknown outcome, battle ended off screen

Characters Debut

Characters Seen

Bakugan Debut

  • Maximus Dragonoid (silhouette)
  • Hydranoid (full debut)

Bakugan Seen