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Wavern (Japanese Version: Wyvern (ワイバーン, Waibān?)) was a wyvern-like Bakugan without an Attribute and one of the White Ones. She was Joe Brown's Guardian Bakugan and Drago's main love interest, as well as the twin sister of Naga, a major enemy of the brawlers in the first season.



She held the Infinity Core inside of her, protecting it from her brother Naga, who held the Silent Core. She was kind, even though she was an outsider to the other Bakugan. She had no known Attribute but had pop-up effects that are similar to those of Haos-attributed Bakugan.

She was also Joe Brown's Guardian Bakugan. She used the power of the Infinity Core to recover Joe from his illness and get him out of the hospital. He later was able to use only her to defeat Masquerade in a battle. She and Drago had been going out on journeys before the Infinity Core incident. It started when Drago slipped between the attributed world, and he met with Naga and Wavern. He kept visiting her ever since. She still has affection towards him. Her pet name for him is “Dragoruny.” She and Drago also share a strong bond with the Perfect Core, since they were both together in the last episode in the first season.

Bakugan Official Handbook

Shining White Wavern is a wise and kind Bakugan. She is Naga's twin, and they couldn't be more opposite. She holds the positive energy of the Infinity Core inside of her, while Naga has swallowed up the negative Silent Core.

Bakugan Ultimate Handbook

Wavern is Naga's twin sister, but she's the complete opposite of her evil brother. While Naga tried to steal the power of Vestroia she held the Infinity Core inside her, protecting Vestroia's positive power source. This made her nearly impossible to defeat. The more negative energy aimed at her, the stronger she became.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Sometime when Naga fused with the Silent Core, it took over him and broke the balance between dimensions, causing a massive shockwave, that sent the Infinity Core flying into Wavern. The two collided and Wavern and the Infinity Core merged together and went to Earth. When Joe was in the hospital, he kept seeing visions of Wavern telling him not to let her brother get the Infinity Core. When Joe moved to Wardington City (Battle Town in the Japanese Dub), Wavern came to him and told him about her brother Naga and the Silent Core's dark nature. She becomes his partner.

In Home Sweet Home She and Joe fought and defeated Dual Hydranoid and Masquerade due to having the powers of Infinity Core inside her.

In The Final Brawl, Naga fought Wavern until Drago destroyed her as a mercy kill, on her request and sent her back to Vestroia as Naga said. Right before she died, she gave Drago the Infinity Core to defeat Naga for good, thus evolving him into the Infinity Dragonoid. In death, she became the guardian spirit of the Perfect Core of New Vestroia and Drago's spiritual advisor.

Bakugan: New Vestroia

Wavern appeared in episodes 6 and 42 as a memory alongside Nova Lion when Drago thought of the sacrifices made to save New Vestroia in the first series. She appeared as a spirit towards the end of episode 42, encouraging Drago not to give up as the Bakugan Termination System was set off to commit genocide on all Bakugan. Her words helped Drago absorb the Six Attribute Energies of the Legendary Soldiers into his body, destroying the BT system and evolving into Helix Dragonoid. Her words saved Drago from dying and foiled Zenoheld's plans.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge

Wavern appears as a spirit in Back In Sync. She tells Drago and Dan to not give up and once they climbed the cliff, she tells them to search for the haunting entity, showing that she knows something about the visions they are seeing.

She appeared again as a spirit in Mind Search, where she, Drago and Dan meet Code Eve and see Mag Mel and Razenoid. Wavern says that Mag Mel and Razenoid are somehow familiar, which implies that they are enemies from the past.

She also appeared as a spirit in Re-connection, as she suggests to Dan and Drago to go back to the memories to when they first met Code Eve and how Dan and Drago received their powers from the Sacred Orb. After doing this, Dan and Drago realize an important clue they missed when Code Eve gave them their powers at the end of the previous season.

Ability Cards

  • Spirit Eye Flash (Japanese version: God Eye Flash): Reverses the Gate Card's effect. (Infinity Core)
  • Big Bang Blaze: Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card/Ability Card and allows the player to re-use an Ability Card. (Infinity Core)
  • Shining Pyrus (Japanese version: Shining Nova): Has three different effects (depends on the user's choice): 
    • Nullifies the opponent's Gate Card.
    • Nullifies the opponent's Ability Card.
    • Swaps the G-Power between Wavern and the opponent. (Infinity Core)

Physical Game

Wavern was released in the BakuSwap series, in all six Attributes. In Japan, the Haos version in BCV-11 comes with 490 Gs and 500 Gs. Aquos/Ventus has 600 Gs, Haos has 600, 570, and 370 Gs, Darkus has 580 and 440 Gs, Ventus has 560 and 360 Gs, and Ventus/Aquos has 360 Gs.


  • Wavern appears to be based on the mystical creature Wyvern, a reptile-dragon like a creature whose arms are connected to the wings (just like the first five forms of Drago). Also, their names sound very similar.
  • When she gained the power of Infinity Core, she didn't evolve like Infinity Dragonoid or have a core on her chest in Ball or Bakugan Form.
  • Wavern is the second of the original series Bakugan to appear in Mechtanium Surge other than Drago - the first being Preyas.
  • All of her appearances in the seasons (other than season 1) involve encouraging Drago to not give up on his will.
  • It appears that Wavern can now roam around freely in the Earth in Mechtanium Surge, even though she is in a spiritual state. It also appears that she can only be like this in New Vestroia since she is still somewhat connected to the Perfect Core with Drago.
  • Despite being a White One (considered a Bakugan of having no power in terms of abilities), Wavern is actually an extremely powerful Bakugan. However, it could be implied that her abilities developed due to her bond with the Infinity Core.
  • In the Japanese version, she calls Drago by his real name, Salamander, every time she sees him. However, in the English dub, she calls Drago “Dragoruny” in the first season.
  • Wavern's ball form is similar to Ultimate Dragonoid's ball form but without the golden horn.
  • According to the Japanese dub of Say It Ain't So Joe, it is mentioned that Wavern is actually the younger sister of Naga.