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Wardington City

Wardington (Japanese version: Battle Town (バトル町, Batoru chou?)) is the city where most of the Battle Brawlers lived in both season one and season two. Naga came here to find Wavern. Bakugan Interspace was invented here, and it spread across the world until it was shut down in Mechtanium Surge. Dan, Drago, and Julie moved to Bayview prior to Gundalian Invaders. Marucho and Shun moved to Bayview prior to Mechtanium Surge. Prior to the events of Enemy Allies, Runo was the only Brawler left in Wardington, since every other Brawler that had previously lived there moved away. None of the brawlers live in Wardington as of the end of the series. In New Vestroia, Julie called the Wardington Tower, Battle Tower (バトルタワー, Batoru tawaa?), its Japanese name.

Wardington made its reappearance in Mechtanium Surge when it came under attack by a Pyrus Razen Titan.


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