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Wall To Wall Brawl is the 23rd episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. It aired on October 4, 2009.


Dan and Ace engage Mira, the ex leader of the Resistance and the newest member of the Vexos, and Gus in a battle against their Mechanical Bakugan. During the battle, the new enemy of the Brawlers Resistance seems to be purposely losing. The other Brawlers have beaten the other Vexos, and arrive in time to see Kuso and Grit win, claiming the Mechanical Maxus Dragonoid Traps. (Baron beats Volt, Shun and Marucho beat Shadow Prove and Mylene, respectively). But when she loses the battle and recognize that she makes a huge mistake, Spectra's anger was uncontainable and uncontrollable for how Mira betrays the Vexos and himself, then he claiming that they have even stronger Bakugan than the ones that his "lapdog" and his "sister" used. The explosion of the Dimension Controller in Gamma City makes debris all on the Brawlers but luckily Drago and Ingram save them; finally Mira apologizes for betraying the Resistance, but they welcome her back into the group and continue with the journey. They next head to the Vestal Palace to free all the original Guardian Bakugan and save New Vestroia for good.

Major events

  • Baron wins his battle with Volt.
  • Dan and Ace battle Mira and Gus, who use the six Mechanical Bakugan Traps.
  • Shun and Marucho win their battle with Mylene and Shadow.
  • Mira loses on purpose, allowing Dan to overpower Gus and win all six of the Traps from him.
  • Mira rejoins the Resistance.
  • The Resistance destroys the Gamma City Dimension Controller and decide to head to Vestal Palace next to free the original Brawlers' Bakugan.
  • Spectra decides to not take back the Traps from Dan, but is revealed to be in possession of six more Mechanical Bakugan.

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Wall to Wall Brawl Ep

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