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A brawler's fate is decided in battle. That's how the Vexos do it.

Volt Luster (ヴォルト・ラスター, Voruto Rasuta?) was the former Haos brawler for the Vexos. The most honorable of their ranks, Volt often finds himself at odds with his own group, but continues to work with them against the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance nonetheless. He left the Vexos because he saw how evil King Zenoheld and Prince Hydron were, after learning of their new plan to destroy Earth and Vestal by using the Alternative Weapon System. His Guardian Bakugan used to be Haos Mega Brontes but is now Haos Boriates. Volt preferred to battle with Hexstar and Dynamo as his Bakugan Trap. He is also very muscular and strong.


While Volt is big and strong, he doesn't usually act without orders. Also, despite his bulky and gruff appearance, Volt is far from a dumb brute (despite Mira Fermin's claims) and is, in fact, one of the most pleasant of the Vexos to deal with. Unlike his Vexos comrades, he respects his opponents, as shown when he battles Marucho and defeats him, and after he loses to Baron, he gains respect for him and lets him move on. Volt is also rather honorable, refusing to battle Dan after his battle against Spectra in Episode 31, stating that he won't kick a man when he's down, meaning battle a brawler after they just battled someone else. Unlike the other Vexos members, who will not hesitate to use any tricks or traps to win, he is very eager to fight a battle fair and square, shown in his battle with Shun. He is also calm and level-headed, judges his opponents fairly well and never thinks of himself as the best. Volt loves his family deeply, as it is shown that he has, or once had, a happy family with his siblings, whose fates are unknown.

His former Guardian Bakugan, Brontes, however, is very disrespectful and talks a lot more than he does. Volt actually cares about his former partner Bakugan, Brontes. Because of this when Spectra returns, Volt shows much hatred towards Gus when he sees Alto Brontes in his palm, forced to evolve via Chaos Ability X. He is even angrier when Gus says he "took away" Brontes' soul. He seems to be close to his current Guardian Bakugan, Boriates. Despite his loyalty to the Vexos, he has a great sense of morality as seen when he questioned Zenoheld's plan about the Alternative Weapon System as that involved the destruction of innocence, and believed it cruel to punish people who didn't do anything to harm the Vexos. He also says that the BT System was bad, but the Alternative was even worse. Because of this, Volt left the Vexos entirely along with Boriates and returned home to Vestal even if it meant being branded as a traitor for his refusal to cooperate with Zenoheld's plan.

He has a knowledge of the Mechanical Bakugan's Custom Battle Ability.

He shown to be an honorable man to good people and doesn't want to see any people killed. Despite Vestal becoming even worse after he left, he believed good people call Vestal home. He is shown to be on good terms with a child of Vestal who considered Volt to be Vestal's hero despite the awareness of what the Vexos had done. Volt promised to teach him how to brawl, but this would never happen as he was sucked into a Death Bomb.

Prince Hydron implies that he and Volt have history, saying that he was the one who dragged Volt out of Vestal years ago. Volt shows gratefulness for all Hydron had done for him, but he, like Mylene Farrow and Spectra, calls him a "spoiled brat" after Hydron said he needed to crush anyone who opposed him. He believes that battle to Hydron is just a game, due to his privileged upbringing, while he has always seen it as a means of survival.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Volt first appeared alongside the other Vexos, watching the Bakugan be captured. He and Lync Volan first meet Dan Kuso and Marucho Marukura in Invasion of the Vestals. Mira arrives and the pair brawl Dan and Mira respectively. He does fairly well using his Verias, but loses the brawl and Haos Freezer in the process to Dan. However, Lync tells him that Neo Dragonoid is one of the legendary Six Fighting Bakugan, and Volt reports this to Spectra Phantom who tells Hydron about it with the Prince ordering the Vexos to capture Drago by any means necessary.

In Taste of Defeat, he watches his team being berated by Gus Grav for losing and expresses disinterest when hearing that that he beat Dan with Volt saying "who cares"

In What's the Plan?, Lync and Volt were in charge of Alpha City, so when Spectra figures out that the Resistance is there, he commands the two to "clean house."

He later appears in Freedom Run with Lync in Alpha City, facing Ace Grit and Shun Kazami in the tournament finals. His new Guardian Bakugan Brontes was doing very well until he was defeated by Percival, Altair following soon after, resulting in their loss and the Dimension Controller being destroyed. They then leave as the Bakugan come to life.

In Surprise Visitor, he and Lync later hear Runo Misaki and Julie Makimoto when the girls tried to teleport Runo to New Vestroia, but due to the malfunction of Dr. Michael's teleportation machine, they failed to transport her properly. Spectra, Gus and Lync then go to Earth leaving him, Mylene Farrow, and Shadow Prove the only Vexos around.

In Duel in the Dunes, Mylene splits up the remaining Resistance members by having Shadow mimic Dan and Mira's voices and sends Volt to battle Marucho. Despite Marucho using his Bakugan Trap Tripod Epsilon, he was defeated and taken hostage when Volt used Brontes' Aurora Dimension to combine Brontes and Dynamo's power levels. He then takes Marucho hostage, commenting to Mylene and Shadow how he's glad he is not the one kidnapped.

When Spectra, Gus, and Lync return in Beta City Blues, Gus tells him, Shadow and Mylene how one of the six Ancient Warriors helped them, which Volt doesn't believe. He soon gets shocked when Mira is brought into the Vexos base. He, Volt and Gus later watch Shadow and Mylene battle Dan and Baron. When Hades gets taken down by Drago and Nemus he comments that the "dweebs" were not bad. After Shadow over uses Hades cannon, Volt mocks him saying he now has to wait for Hades to recharge. When Shadow and Mylene lose Volt tells Shadow to chill out after the later freaks out about his loss.

During Underground Take Down and Wall To Wall Brawl, When the Resistance arrive in Gamma City he blocked their path to prevent them from going through. He then faced off against Baron Leltoy in Gamma City and though he wins round 1 he was defeated due to Baron using Mega Nemus and Piercian to break though Brontes Darkness. After the battle, Volt compliments Baron for winning and lets him move on.

In Ultimate Bakugan, Mylene, Shadow, and Volt convince Lync to switch sides and leave Spectra. Later he tells Clay Fermin to come with them while the Vexos evacuate New Vestroia saying he will come whether he wants to or not.

During Final Countdown, while Dan and Maxus Dragonoid were battling against Spectra and Maxus Helios, Volt was angered when Mylene threw out Brontes and Elico, on the basis that "a weapon with feelings is useless to us." Though angry he does nothing to stop her proving Mira's point that he is brainless. He then leaves along with Lync, Shadow, Mylene, and Hydron.

In between the first and second arcs, Volt fled along with the rest of the royal family and the Vexos when the Resistance revealed the lies about the Bakugan. To escape the revolting Vestals, they took off on the Vexos Motherpalace into space.

In Revenge of the Vexos, he is shown talking with Zenoheld about where the Brawlers are at.

In Spectra Rises, Volt gets annoyed by Hydron's taunting so he goes to battle Dan for the Pyrus Attribute Energy, he is pushed to the back of the line by Spectra and Gus. Gus then taunts him by showing off a newly-evolved Alto Brontes, saying that he took away his soul. After Dan, Mira, and Marucho beat Spectra Dan asks Volt if he wants to battle. Though Volt wanted to take Drago's attribute energy he tells Dan he will not kick a man when he is down and leaves. The Brontes incident concerns Volt into deciding to not speak with his allies.

InShadow Attack, He and the other Vexos are shown watching Spectra's speech about them ruling the galaxy.

In Brontes' Betrayal, Volt has a flashback showing Mylene throwing Brontes out and becomes angry at himself for not saving Brontes. The other Vexos notice his behavior with Hydron asking Volt if he is mad because Spectra cut in front of him to battle the Brawlers. Lync then mocks him saying he looks like he might cry. Shadow defends Volt saying he knows he is not a cry baby causing Volt to leave. He then contacts Gus asking him to battle for Brontes which the ex Vexos excepts. Volt brawled against Gus in an attempt to win back Brontes in the same area where Zenoheld fought the Ancient Solders, using his new Bakugan, Boriates. He starts off strong beating Hexados but becomes outmatched by Brontes power. During the battle, Gus asked him why he pretended to be fighting for Brontes' life given his association with Zenoheld and his quest to find the Attribute Energies to power the BT System. He offers Volt to join him and Spectra saying they could use someone with his ability,, but the Vexos declines saying he is not a trader. Volt loses after Gus uses a combination of the Gate Card Land Pressure and Brontes's new ability Trance Rapture Illusion. He then passes out telling Brontes to forgive him.

InElfin On the Run, He is shown listing to Zenoheld when he asks who will get the Aquas energy.

In Samurai Showdown, Volt battled Shun for the Ventus Attribute Energy. He disguised himself as a samurai for a new attraction at an amusement park. After Shun left the tower Volt was able to locate him and they battled. They were evenly-matched until he used Boriates and Dynamo's combination ability Vector Phalanx. Baron later showed up to help Shun causing the two to win the brawl. Strangely, Volt and Shun acted as though neither had met before, despite battling on opposite sides in the Alpha City tournament. This may be because they both treated the tournament as a one-off thing and didn't bother remembering each other in detail.

In All Or Nothing, He Mylene and Shadow are shown in a control room. Shadow brags how he will get another attribute energy to which Volt and Mylene tell him to calm down. They then notice a signal coming from another universe which turns out to be the Vestal Destroyer.

In Avenging Spectra, Volt becomes shocked when he sees that the Brawlers have found the place. Hydron believes it was thanks to Spectra that they found it. Volt then appears along with the rest of the Vexos when Spectra and Gus show up and threaten King Zenoheld to leave the brawlers alone. He then insults Spectra with the other Vexos telling Spectra he properly came to help the Brawlers. After this he eats dinner with the Vexos and gets shocked when Gus takes Zenoheld hostage.

he is shown watching the brawlers attempts to travel in the palace during Ambush, he then tags with Mylene to battle Shun and Baron in a rematch and wins, taking the Ventus Attribute Energy due to the Vexos Trap Field helping out there Bakugan.

When the BT system is about to launch in Exodus he watches the brawlers retreat feeling surprised that they won't stop them. Later when Drago absorbed the energies The BT system gets destroyed causing Volt to be worried.

In Fusion Confusion, he was shown watching Zenoheld punish Hydron after the BT system was destroyed much to his worry.

In Volt's Revolt, he is physically reprimanded by Hydron after saying that he will not support Zenoheld's plan to destroy Earth and Vestal with the Alternative Weapons System. Mylene warns against leaving, but he goes anyway and returns to his hometown in Vestal, only to find it in ruins. He finds his old home and imagines being greeted by his family, later encountering a child who was still a fan of his despite what he did. Hydron and Volt's paths cross and they end up brawling due to Hydron's anger at Volt's betrayal. Volt defeated Hydron in the first round by using Boriates strongest cards, but secured his victory by activating Boriates' Custom Battle Ability. After revealing this fact to Hydron, Boriates seemingly crushes Hydron, but is revealed to have missed on purpose telling him that he never wishes to see Hydron again. Unable to face his defeat, Hydron uses a Death Bomb to send him to the end of the dimension. Volt tries to drag him in with him, but he escapes in time. He tells Hydron that he will one day pay for all the people he hurt before he disappears.

In the introduction of Payback, Volt was mentioned by Hydron in the episode's opening narration. He later appeared in a flashback of Lync's when Zenoheld told the Vexos about the Alternative Weapon System. Professor Clay mentioned Volt when he told Lync whenever happens to him could be "child's play" compared to Lync's fate. Hydron would later mention Volt when he told Lync he made the mistake of testing his patience. He was mentioned again when Lync said Hydron only eliminated Volt and then came after him because he was desperate for his father's approval.

In the introduction of Mylene's Meltdown, Volt was mentioned by Hydron when he remarked that the latter's demise didn't convince Lync that betraying his father was a bad idea. In a flashback of Mylene's, he was mentioned again by Hydron, warning Mylene that if she failed, he would be forced to deal with her like he did Volt and Lync.

In An Heir To Spare, he appears twice in Hydron's dreams, alongside Lync, telling Hydron to defeat his father and take his throne.

In Final Fury, Hydron mentions him before the Alternative Weapon System explodes. It is probable that he meant that he was about to die and would join Volt and Lync, suggesting that the "alternate dimension" was a metaphor for death.



Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Volt is a Haos Brawler. He was the last Vexos who didn't have a Mechanical Bakugan. However, he uses one when he battles Gus in Episode 33. He was the first to receive a Mechanical Bakugan Trap.

  • Haos Verias (Shown in Episode 1)
  • Haos Freezer (Shown in Episode 1, taken by Dan Kuso)
  • Haos Mega Brontes (Guardian Bakugan - Taken and thrown away by Mylene Farrow, evolved into Alto Brontes by Gus' care in Episode 31)
  • Haos Dynamo (First Bakugan Trap, debuted in Episode 14)
  • Haos Boriates (Mechanical Guardian Bakugan) (Presumed Destroyed)
  • Haos Hexstar (Second Bakugan Trap, debuted in Episode 36)


  • In the English version, Mira describes Volt in "Invasion of the Vestals" (Episode 1) as "the big guy with no brains," however, in Japanese; she referred to him as "The Greatest Lumina Battler, the Light Demon Volt Luster" [ ルミナ最強のバトラ 光の悪魔 ヴォルト・ラスター (Rumina Saikyou no Battora, Hikari no Akuma Boruto Rasuta) ].
  • Volt is often paired with Lync, signifying that they're either good friends or just find each other to be good tag team partners.
  • Volt is known to approach brawling and his opponents in a manner similar to a Samurai in the battlefield. In the eye-catch of the episode "Samurai Showdown," Volt says "A ninja is no match for a Samurai!" If you look closely at the samurai outfit that he's wearing in that episode, there are Haos symbols on both sides of his chest.
  • Volt was the first antagonist in New Vestroia to be killed off.
    • Coincidentally, he was also the first member of the second incarnation of the Vexos to turn good.
  • Volt is the first of the Vexos to care about his original guardian, Mega Brontes, after showing remorse about letting Mylene toss him away and demanding a fight with Gus to win Brontes back. He also thought that the BT System was bad, but the Alternative Weapon System is pure evil, and talks to Boriates like he can hear him and cares about him when he gets injured in battle.
  • Volt's last name, Luster, means something that is bright and shiny, likely a reference to his Haos element.
  • Of all the Vexos in Arc 1 of New Vestroia, Volt and Spectra are the oldest at age 19.
  • Volt is the only member of the first incarnation of the Vexos to actually defeat Hydron entirely, as Shadow and Mylene had disappeared, and Lync lost to Hydron in Payback, an episode after his battle against Hydron. Spectra easily defeated Hydron using Twin Destructor, but didn't empty his life gauge.
  • It was reveled in episode 33 that Volt never liked Gus even when they were both Vexos.
  • Him and Baron share two things in common. Both battle with the Haos attribute and live in a big family.


Volt's record shows that he has lost most of his brawls. He won twice by himself against Hydron and Marucho. He cheated with Mylene to get the Ventus Energy.

However, in the second arc he was notably better, possibly the best of the remaining Vexos despite mostly losing. Most of his battles in the second arc were notably circumstantial, losing to Gus Grav because he didn't want to hurt Brontes (and handily defeating Hexados, showing he was a threat if not for that fact), losing to Shun and Baron because of being outnumbered, and outperforming both of them individually. This means that even without the trap field, with Mylene's aid he likely would've won against Shun and Baron in the rematch regardless. He was winning rather handily against Hydron (The only fair battle he was in during the second arc) even before activating the Custom Battle Ability, after which he crushed Hydron with little effort.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Unknown Vestal Bralwers Offscreen Win
Dan Kuso and Mira Fermin (Tag with Lync) 1 Lose
Unknown Brawlers (Tag with Lync) 8 Win (offscreen)
Unknown Brawlers (Tag with Lync) 8 Win (offscreen)
Shun Kazami and Ace Grit (Tag with Lync) 9 Lose
Marucho Marukura 14 Win (due to using Haos and Darkus)
Baron Leltoy 22-23 Lose
Gus Grav 33 Lose (Held back)
Shun Kazami and Baron Leltoy 36 Lose
Shun Kazami and Baron Leltoy (Tag with Mylene) 40 Win (Due to Trap Field)
Hydron 46 Win (Due to Custom Battle Ability)