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Give it to me! I'll use the power of the Silent Core.
Vladitor to Hal-G, Bakugan Video Game

Vladitor (ヴラディター, Vuraditā?) is a Bakugan Video Game exclusive Bakugan. He is owned by Marduk.


Vladitor was banished to the Doom Dimension, when he attempted to take over Vestroia. When Naga took the Silent Core, he was freed and he traveled to Earth. He has sharp horns and incredible strength as well as an armored covered body. Vladitor fights very aggressively, showing no mercy to a single soul. He is Marduk's Guardian Bakugan. He evolves into Battle Ax Vladitor due to the Silent Orb, a smaller, slightly weaker version of the Silent Core. When you beat the game, beat Marduk in the park, and he will be unlocked in the shop. He costs 20,000 BP and starts with 340 Gs.

Ability Card
  • Dark Sphere Impact: Adds 200 Gs to Vladitor.


  • In Ball Form, Vladitor opens similar to Clayf, Robotallion and Wilda.
  • It is noticeable the fact that Vladitor looks like a Medieval Knight and that Leonidas could be the Dragon that every Knight must beat to gain respect.
  • In the game, even after the credits rolled, (which was when Vladitor died in the Doom Dimension) you could still find Marduk in the park and be able to brawl him while he was using Vladitor.
  • Even though he is a supposed "Special Bakugan" even after beating the game, Marduk in the park, and buying him at the shop, Vladitor has a regular amount of Gs as if he was any other normal Bakugan.