Vexos Trap Field

The Vexos Trap Field was a brawling arena which was created by Professor Clay to take away the Power Levels of real and living Bakugan and to give it to Mechanical Bakugan so they will always win. It helped the Vexos obtain the Ventus, Darkus, and Pyrus Attribute Energies. The Trap Field restores a Mechanical Bakugan to its Base Level when its G-Power is decreased by an Ability Card and also decrease the Power Level of a Live Bakugan back to its Base Level if the Power Level is higher than that of the Mechanical Bakugan and also nullify any Gate Card that the opponent uses. However, when a Bakugan is equipped with a Bakugan Battle Gear, it seems the Trap Field cannot handle the immense power of which ever Bakugan is wearing the Battle Gear. This was shown when Helios MK2 was equipped with Twin Destructor along with Cross Dragonoid's assistance.


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