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Verias is a monkey-like Bakugan released in Bakugan: New Vestroia.



It carries a staff and uses it for attacking and protection. Using the staff like a pole vault allows Verias to travel long distances quickly. A blinding beam of light shoots out from the purple jewel atop its forehead. This Bakugan is a fantastic climber making it difficult to catch. Its dense fur keeps it warm in the coldest weather.


Bakugan: New Vestroia

Volt Luster used a Haos Verias and Mira Fermin had a Subterra Verias in a flashback. An unknown brawler used a Pyrus Verias in the Alpha City tournament, After Dan Kuso and Drago destroyed the alpha controller, a Subterra Verias thanked them for freeing him and the other Bakugan. Keith Fermin may have a Pyrus Verias as shown in episode 8 in a flashback. A Haos Verias thanked Drago for saving the Bakugan after he destroyed the BT System.

Ability Cards
  • Verias Siba: (Pyrus)

Physical Game

Verias was released in 6 variations. The Aquos version has 690 Gs, the Pyrus version has 730 Gs, and the BakuCrystal version has 750 Gs. The Haos version has 650 Gs. It has 650 Gs in Darkus and it was seen in Ventus too. An Aquos flip Verias has 730 Gs.