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Van Falco (翔(ヴァン)ファルコ, Vu~an Faruko?) is a falcon-like Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series which is the original form of the Falco-type. It evolves into Tri Falco, then Lashow Falco.

Official Description[]

Japanese Official Website[]


' (超軽量パーツを取り入れた。ポップアウトと同時に6枚の羽と長い尻尾が遥か上空にその身を羽ばたかせる。手前のゲートカードを超えて狙った奥のカードに飛び移る。ジャンプしないときは尻尾部分を正面に向ければぴったりとスタンドするぞ。[1]?)

Van Falco C[]

' (ファルコのクリアバージョンが登場!軽量ボディにより驚異の飛翔力でカードを飛び越える!さらに、テールからシュートすれば、抜群のスタンドと圧倒的な防御が可能。[2]?)


The incarnation of wind which advent from the sky can use its light body to take the aerial offensive and occupy any Gate Card as it wishes. (?)


BakuTech! Bakugan[]

Ventus Van Falco is the Guardian Bakugan of Sho Grif.

Physical Game[]

  • Type: Technique and Trick

It was released on Thursday 18 November 2010. Van Falco is equipped with BakuTech Convert System in which the Cross of its wings can be converted with other Bakugan in the BakuTech line. It comes with both Metal Cross and Normal Cross inside its packaging. It has a darker green main color comparing with other Ventus Bakugan which have the teal type of green and white highlight instead of the regular green of normal Ventus Bakugan. The long tail of Van Falco, like the one of Ingram, can be used to strike onto a Gate Card and 'fly' onto another one.[3] But unlike other earlier BakuTech original Bakugan, it does not have stickers for decoration. The main construction (especially front side) is similar to Oberus.

Pentagon Parameter[]

  • Attack: 5/10
  • Defense: 5/10
  • Occupy Force: 7/10
  • Stand Force: 7/10
  • Control: 7/10
  • Total: 31/50

Gate Card(s)[]

Ability Card(s)[]



The Kanji in the Japanese name of Van Falco, (On: shō/ Kun: kakeru), means soaring.