My opinion: Leonidas, Vladitor, and Chamelia have no chance of appearing. I don't think they would put something in the TV show which only appeared so far in a video game of manga. We know that the Gliderak, Scorptak, and Vulkaos parts, plus Tremblar, are Nonets, but I don't think anything else will be. Whether Fury is or isn't Reaper's evolved form, he IS called Fury, and he DID die, so he won't come back. And since he looks so much like Reaper, I don't think they'll bring back Reaper either. I can't explain it, I just don't. As for Naga, he might come back, or he might not. Personally, I don't think he will, though I wouldn't be surprised if he did. So... yeah. 8 are confirmed, and there MIGHT be ONE more.

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