Copy Pasted from a IRC Discussion with some Edits. A Piece of my mind.

  • The Rules need no Updates, they need to be listened to. Example, when a Random Blog appears, everyone start jumping on the Author of that blog like wild mammals, yelling "GO TO RTW, THE POLICIES SAY SO". Just because "the policies say so". Why not actually understanding the Policies, instead of listening to them blindly?
  • Editing is pretty OK right now. No problems there, carry on.
  • The IRC. Yes, it's for Randomness. But with it's limits, the IRC is not to be considered a 4Chan /b/ board, mostly because we're not 4Chan, and because our Community is a different age. The Main Operator should be a serious User, the DQ13 type. So should be the OPd Users, and everyone else are worth just a voice. I vote for a new IRC.
  • Admin-Cleanup. Our current Admins are Users that are just Famous, not worthy Users. For example, if a certaint Administrator of ours (name censored) would've been a newbie, he would've been blocked more than five times by now. But what do we have instead? He's too Famous, we know him welll, he's excused. In addition, every User with a brain can delete Unneeded pages / Block Vandals, you don't need Administrator powers to do normal edits. Being Admin isn't a prize, it's a responsibility.
  • The RTW has become "garbage", it will be killed. A New RTW is in progress, stay tuned.

Unfortunately, I, myself, can't do all of this by myself, neither can you. But hey, at least I'm giving a piece of my mind.

2X☆∞ | DuPlIcAtE | WoIcES.

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