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  • Renardy

    It's been a month since I posted my last blog so here is a new theory.

    Screw Dan, that overpowered loser.

    MASQUERADE/ALICE is the true hero and savior of all Bakugan! Here is why

    • Masquerade, although evil at first and sending all those Bakugan to the doom dimension was good.
    • He gave the people like Klaus, Chan Lee, and that stupid small kid Doom Cards which prompted Dan to experience true difficult battles and eventually evolve his Drago.
    • He saved Drago in episode 2, he could have sent Drago to the Doom Dimension and everything would have been over.
    • Without Masquerades interference the brawlers would have never knew about Hal-G and Naga that much and the world would probably be doomed.
    • Without Masquerade sending Drago to the doom dimension Drago …

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  • Renardy

    I've found more strange continuity errors in the show.... looks like the writers forgot everything. DISCUSS YOUR QUESTIONS AND ALL THESE ERRORS

    Here is what I found:

    • Somehow the Gundalia/Neathia Bakugan migrated to New Vestroia, unknown why. Ingram/Drago had never seen them before... now they're like "oh, we should go find a new home" and then pop up in NV and then come to Bakugan City???
    • Angelo/Diablo randomly return in Season 4. Did they die or something? Did Marucho forget about them?
    • Duel in the Dunes has a picture from GAME OVER, but that's impossible because that never happened in the dub, it was a deleted scene in the Japanese dub.
    • Drago loses his ability to teleport people, such as in Reunion, where he brought everyone home. After the …

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  • Renardy

    I was watching Bakugan again, idk what that is.

    Now here is a discussion, and it is talked about in Errors and Questions in Bakugan Anime.

    How did Shun and Dan create the game? We had wars, ability cards, we had Vestals who probably made their own rule sets with the life points. They are the gods of Bakugan, they made everything. Who does Masquerade think he is? Dan could just be like "oh, there cannot be Darkus Bakugan in battle" and then he would never have sent all those Bakugan to the Doom Dimension.

    Maybe they removed the G-Power because it was no game anymore? Perhaps the purpose of Bakugan is really just monsters used for war and destruction? Who does Mag Mel think he is? Dan Kuso made the game alongside emo ninja and they can do whate…

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  • Renardy

    BAKUTECH SEASON FINALE, Episode 51: Go! Rise Dragaon! It was epic, but only 5 minutes, but who cares THERE'S THIS COMING UP. So onto the season finale stuff.

    • Rise Dragaon
    • Hollow Munikis
    • Gif Jinryu
    • Tri Falco
    • Shield Leoness
    • Seis Tavanel
    • Sechs Tavanel (Multiple)
    • Acro Gezard
    • Borg Mahisas
    • Well Galow
    • Kachia Gell
    • Butta Gell
    • Saint Aquas

    • Harubaru Hinode
    • Raichi Kuronashi
    • Sho Grif
    • Koh Grif
    • Tatsuma
    • Zakuro
    • Tohga
    • Karashina
    • Jinza
    • Quilt
    • Mister Up
    • Mister Down

    ]] 16:16, March 30, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Renardy

    TakuBech Stuff

    March 19, 2013 by Renardy

    GACHIGACHIGACHIGACHIGACHI I mean hey guys, we got some BakuTech stuff :D Thanks to EdBoy3 for finding them. Oh and credit to the site where they were found on.

    And theres one more.

    I think thats pretty much it.

    Zie, Was Here 00:31, March 19, 2013 (UTC)

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