Ok i'm just gonna make this quick. MS/Mechtanium Surge never aired in Japan, it "was" replaced by the Japan exclusive BakuTech series. Now it is proven that a Japanese dub indeed exists, possibly for all 45 episodes, or at least a few. In addition, there are episodes using 16:9 aspect ratio I guess?

Bakugan ( cổ máy ác quỷ )-0

Bakugan ( cổ máy ác quỷ )-0

This is a Vietnamese dub for MS episode 17, the aspect ratio seems different from the english dub (which wasn't 16:9)

This video posted above is interesting. It is a Vietnamese dub, but if you listen closely - it's a Vietnamese voice actor dubbing over the Japanese dub which was thought to not exist.

I think MS was going to air but they scrapped it and aired BakuTech in its place. Would we be able to get our hands on rare Bakugan like Krowll? Japanese dub exists for Arc 2 of MS as well, but once again it is Vietnamese voice actors dubbing over the Japanese version.

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