Well, it has been just over a week since my last blog, and a decent amount of things have happened. Well, at least in my eyes.

First, I got the results for the poll on the Nano Desu blog. I am getting a Pyrus G-Ganorada and a Ventus Blast Elico. Why only those? Because I sent Rayne a Ventus Blast Elico for him to haz as well as a Haos Master Ingram. So yeah, with my $100 spending limit, I came out with not even enough to buy a pack of gum from the store. Can I crunch numbers or what?

Second, A2 has found some new pics for the three latest BakuTech Bakugan coming out. Honestly, I think they look pretty cool, so keep your eyes peeled. They are supposed to be out soon.

And lastly, my greatest idea so far this year has come to light. I found myself asking "Why do we not have a review team for this wiki? We would be like the first ones to do it?" Well, today the Bakugan Wiki BlogView Crew was officially given an OK by all three Crats. Yep, now this wiki has a Semi-Official review team. So far only Rayne, Bendo, Mira and myself are in it. Our plan? Bring hands on reviews of new, imported, or overall rare Bakugan that we find and buy. We will also be giving out news on some of the newer stuff that we find, and keep a regular update on the ongoings in the toys.

Also, before I go ...

So ya, ciao peeps ^^ Be looking for Mira to bring you a review in the next couple of days as well as Rayne and myself. Until then, Evil Demonis Symbol 通し番号 TAP-X01 01:18, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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