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We have more information regarding that "December 1st" note from my previous blog.

As I updated in that blog earlier this morning, the official website has been updated to feature the email sign-up for Bakugan News that we found on the dev site late last week.

Well, surprise surprise, SM made an announcement today and said that Bakugan Battle Planet (the show) will be coming to Cartoon Network this December!

Hmm... December... Looking at the calendar, December 1st just so happens to be a Saturday, which makes this consistent with Bakugan airings in the past. Right now, it appears that December 1st will be the premiere of the show, though the actual date has yet to be confirmed.

The press release also stated that the toys will be coming to North America and other select markets (likely Europe) in Q1 of next year (January to March), and will be released globally in Q2 (April to June). Cartoon Network and something called the "Bakugan Licensing Program" will be handling everything outside of Asia. Within Asia, however, TMS will cover distribution, but Takaratomy will handle Japan.

According to the release, Battle Planet will also integrate "app play" into the toy line. I can't say I didn't expect this, what with everything having an app nowadays.

I expect a lot more news to be coming in the next couple months, with likely a trailer in November? Stay tuned to the Bakugan Wiki for the latest news. We're coming back, baby. (begin Wiki signature) The fear of the worst is greater than the actual danger. 17:40, October 9, 2018 (UTC)