DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 31 October 2018

Bakugan Wiki Podcast!

Recently, myself and a few people on the Discord server have started a podcast for Bakugan! Throughout the podcast's run, we'll be discussing the legacy series, Wiki projects and developments, and MOST IMPORTANTLY discussing Bakugan Battle Planet and its news as we get them and as the show/toys get released.

Seewhati, Hato, Rigatoni Jones, and I would be honored if you would join us for Episode Zero of the podcast at the link here, where we discuss Battle Planet, what we already know, and what we hope will happen in the future! Pardon our bumbling and stiffness (first time doing this sort of thing); that will improve in future episodes. No ETA on the first official episode, but it'll likely be when the first official trailer comes out.

The f…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 9 October 2018

Battle Planet News UPDATES: Airing December! And Other Things

We have more information regarding that "December 1st" note from my previous blog.

As I updated in that blog earlier this morning, the official website has been updated to feature the email sign-up for Bakugan News that we found on the dev site late last week.

Well, surprise surprise, SM made an announcement today and said that Bakugan Battle Planet (the show) will be coming to Cartoon Network this December!

Hmm... December... Looking at the calendar, December 1st just so happens to be a Saturday, which makes this consistent with Bakugan airings in the past. Right now, it appears that December 1st will be the premiere of the show, though the actual date has yet to be confirmed.

The press release also stated that the toys will be coming to Nort…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 3 October 2018

Battle Planet News: December 1st?


As many of you know, Bakugan Battle Planet is preparing for release in Spring 2019, and the hype is constantly building.

Just today, Discord member "seewhati" posted a link to the supposed developer website for Bakugan.com. The page (screenshot at the bottom of this post) has a colored logo for Battle Planet (pictured to the right) as well as a place to enter your date of birth followed by an email address. However, the interesting bit is located above the logo: "Answer the call to brawl: DEC 1ST"

December 1st is much earlier than the Spring 2019 release date that Battle Planet is projected to have, so what could it refer to? The actual release date? The official r…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 1 April 2018

(APRIL FOOLS) Bakugan Reboot Cancelled

Hello everyone!

Today, I, unfortunately, come bearing some bad news. Queenie, A2, and I were all contacted on Discord by a party who wishes to remain anonymous. They told us that Spin Master held a meeting last week to discuss the reboot. Due to Bakugan flopping in Japan as well as how quickly it died here in America, they have decided that rebooting the series would not make financial sense and, as such, have ceased production on the reboot. This person is a trusted informant, so we can be reasonably certain that this news is genuine.

I promise you, I am as disappointed as you are.

The Wiki will not close, however. We will continue to update the site with new information as we find it. I still plan on finishing my G Power Project, so keep se…

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DarkusMaster DarkusMaster 22 March 2018

G-Power Project

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for something the Wiki has desparately needed for quite some time: confirmation of released G-Powers.

I'm starting up an independent project to record and confirm as many Bakugan G-Powers (and for Traps: attribute switches) as possible. The information I gather will be stored via Google Drive, viewable here. The information gathered will gradually make its way onto the Wiki when confirmed, and this collection of photos and data will remain viewable for everyone to reference, but not edit.

Obviously, I don't own every single Bakugan in existence, which is why I will need your help. What I'm looking for is information about the Bakugan you own: name, special treatment, size (if available in B1 and B2), and G-Pow…

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