When I went to Target what did I see but about 300 wave 3's, wave 4's, wave 3 and 4 special attacks, and a coming soon sign for Wave 5. There was also a machine holding Bakugan with the Prototype Colors like Vilantor, and JetKor. There was awesome Bakugan and Dragonoid Collosus was on the computer for a list of items. They had a pricetag sign thing saying, "BKGN MOBILE ASS." Take a guess what that means. None were there though!!!!!! Pennsylvania's target rules. Also Crimson and Pearl all 12 Orders Bakugan. Lytharious, Plitheon, and even Contestir and Dharak and Strikeflier. Everything was awesome. I can;t wait to see what it would be like to go to my other target that has more Bakugan than this Target. Pics coming soon.

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