First off, thanks to Moviejunkie2009 for bringing this to our attention. I wasn't sure if they would be okay with me moving their forum post, so I just decided to make a blog to summarize what I found in it.

Like Moviejunkie has already mentioned, the current plan is to release Bakugan in 2019 and reduce the episode time to 11 minutes. Actually, rereading it, they sort of mention splitting the 22 minute run time into 2 11 minute run times?

Direct quote: "So for example, the show is actually instead of being 22 minutes in length, it’s two 11s to fit what’s happening now with the movement in terms of kids and how they’re viewing content in partnership with our broadcaster, which we’ll be sharing with you guys shortly."

They also mention bringing something "new and different to the actual Bakugan toys". What that means we don't know, but hopefully it's complicated and has the potential for several new articles an interesting new game mechanic or something.

They also mention that they'll be showing us (the investors) the new and different thing in the spring. Whether this means this spring, or if it will even be public, we don't know.

Well, at least we have a year to look forward to. Abce2|Talk Contributions 20:12, March 13, 2018 (UTC)

Link to call transcript:

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