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" I know most of you can't read Japanese, I simply translated it.

P.S. Other than those evos, they have new BakuTech.

Recent Product BTR-12 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack Fortress Release on 9/24  

Sega Toys Bakugan 2010 October ~ December New Products

Products release on 2010-10-24

Card Pack: 1 Gate Card + 4 Ability Cards

BOT-03d Bakugan Booster Card Pack: Bakugan Super Evolution BOT-03e BakuTech Booster Card Pack: Chapter 2

Single Pack: 1 Gate Card + 1 Ability Card

BTC-08 BakuTech Booster Pack: Kiran Leones

BTC-09 BakuTech Booster Pack: Mysticダイススロー (Mystic Elico)

BTC-10 BakuTech Booster Pack: Orbit Eios (Orbit Helios)

BSP-03 Bakugan Special Attack Pack: Cyborg Helios Turbine

BSP-04 Bakugan Special Attack Pack: Hades Turbine

※BSP 03 and 04 include a flywheel, using a beyblade winder for shooting.

Battle Pack: 6 Bakugan + 6 Gate Cards + 12 Ability Cards

BBT-04 Bakugan Entry Value Pack: Bakugan Super Evolution Battle

・Cross Dragonoid

・Helios MK2

・Minx Elfin

・Knight Percival

・Shadow Ingram (Not Master, maybe Shadow Wing)

・Blast Vega (Blast Elico)

BBT-05 Bakugan Entry Value Pack: Dragonoid VS Dragonoid

・Ventus Helios (Viper Helios)

・Pyrus Cyborg Helios

・Darkus Hyper Dragonoid

・Aquos Dragonoid (Neo Dragonoid)

・Subterra Percival

・ Haos Chaos Dragonoid (Pyro Dragonoid)


Starter Pack: 3 Bakugan + 3 Gate Card + 3 Ability Card

BST-09 Bakugan Starter Pack: Evolution Kit 1 – Color Assault (What?) ・Cross Dragonoid

・Helios MK2

・Minx Elfin

BST-10 Bakugan Starter Pack: Evolution Kit 2 – Color Assault ・Shadow Ingram (Again, what?)

・Knight Percival

・ Blast Elico

BST-11 Bakugan Starter Pack: Reverse World 1

・Pyrus Altair

・Aquos Percival

・Ventus Elfin

BST-12 Bakugan Starter Pack: Reverse World 2

・Subterra Mega Nemus

・Darkus Neo Dragonoid

・Pyrus Ingram

BST-13 Bakugan Starter Pack: Reverse World 3

・Ventus Helios

・Darkus Mega Brontes

・Aquos Wired

BST-14 Bakugan Starter Pack: Reverse World 4

・Haos Premo Vulcan

・Pyrus Hades

・Darkus Elico

BST-15 Bakugan Starter Pack: Dragonoid VS Helios

・Aquos Viper Helios

・Ventus Neo Dragonoid

・Darkus Cyborg Helios 

※09、10 are new, 11to15 are only Old Bakugan with new attributes.

Random Booster: 1 Bakugan


BCV-09 Bakugan Booster Pack: 爆丸飛翔編

BCV-11 Bakugan Booster Pack: Enter The Dragonoid

BCV-14 Bakugan Booster Pack: Bakugan Best Collection 1

BCV-15 Bakugan Booster Pack: Bakugan Trap Best Collection 1

BOT-01b Bakugan Battle Field DX(Release on 10/22)


1・Bakugan Battle Field×1、

2・Card Stationx2、

3・Shoot Challenge Sheet×1、

4・Bakugan・Flare Dragaon (Special Color)×1、


6・Bakugan Battle Calculator×2、

7・Bakugan Box×1、


9・Gate Card×6、

10・Ability Card×12、

11・Rule DVD×1

Trap Bakugan 

BTR-13 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Pyrus Tripod Theta

BTR-14 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Darkus Legionoid

BTR-15 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Pyrus Slash (Hylash)

BTR-16 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Ventus Zoack

BTR-17 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Ventus Drone Spider (Dynamo)

BTR-18 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Subterra Metal Fencer

BTR-19 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Haos Carlbelt (Hexstar)

BTR-20 Bakugan Trap Booster Pack: Pyrus Fortress 

Product release on 2010-11-11

BTC-11 BakuTech Booster Pack: Van Falco

Product release on 2010-12 

BTC-12 BakuTech Booster Pack: グランパンツァー (Glan Pansha?)"

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