Hello everyone! Just like we predicted, as we inch close to the December first reveal date, we're getting more and more information.

Lately, we've found out that the formerly named "Unknown Ventus Brawler" is actually named Wynton Styles, thanks to his voice actor, Deven Mack. [1]

Following up on that, we also have VAs for two more characters, Dan Kouzo and, you heard this right, Shun. These roles go to Jonah Wineberg and Ticoon Kim, respectively. [2]

Yep, you read it right, Shun is apparently back in action. Now, if you look at the art that we currently have, which shows a group of characters, you'll notice there's no character similar to Shun. So, that leaves us with two options: Shun is not in this art, or he's been redesigned. Let us know what you think in the comments.

BBP Promo Cleaned

No green ninja in here...

Congrats to all three of them for landing their roles! We look forward to hearing from you (literally) in the near future!

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