I want to start off by saying I apologize for having everyone's work deleted. This was not at all my intention, I was planning on having all the stories and content from the Fan-Fiction Wiki transferred over to the Fanon Wiki. My failure to see how that process works is my mistake.

So, recently, the Bakugan Fan-Fiction Wiki was merged into the Fanon Wiki. Perhaps you saw the blogs about it. My mistake was that I had assume that by merge, it meant that the content would be merged into the surviving wiki. Turns out, by merge, they mean "merging communities". To merge content, you have to do a Special:Export/Import yourself.

I am currently trying to reach Staff about this problem. Since it's late, it most likely will be tomorrow that I will hear back from them. Please, this is no one's fault but mine. I did not look over the merging procedures carefully, and that resulted in several people's hard work being deleted. This is not what I meant to do, and I apologize.

Abce2|Talk Contributions 05:00, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

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