Hence my hobby - better pic later.

About me

Hello there,

My name is Zach hence the Zachattack31. I do not play the physical game of Bakugan or on Bakugan Dimensions and have no interest in it. All I do is watch the episodes and post what I see on the show.

My hobbies are coin collection and ventriloquism - the latter being my favorite hobby. So, if you have any questions on any of these subjects - let me know.

Now, I do make mistakes on here and sometimes put things in that do not belong there. I promise not to repeat that same thing again and will be more alert next time before I edit something.

Now, I just signed up for Bakugan Dimensions and even though it is ending supposedly soon. I would like to try it out for the time being. I could use a tour guide though if anybody wants to help me out. Thanks

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Here you go Keith - as promised.

Keith, what you see is everything I have anime-accurate. I'll add to to it when I find more. And even though you are only looking for the balls - I put up everything including Battle Suits, Mechtogan etc. And, I know you have some things already reserved but I included what I have as well in case the 1st one doesn't work out. Enjoy.

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