Aerialjack - Darkus Uranium Leonidas's Bakugan Battle Suit.

ARGH! I feel like I'm being reborn, yet being torn apart at the same time!

—Zeta Leonidas while he is evolving into Uranium Leonidas

To grow up strong, and undo wrong...that's what it takes to be a hero!

—Me (Valentin)

Hi! I'm Valentin_98. You can call me Valentin or Val if you want. I really love to brawl, especially online on Bakugan sites. My favorite attribute is Darkus. My favorite Bakugan is Leonidas (and his evolution, Omega Leonidas), even though he's a video game character. Anyways, thanks for viewing my profile!

Here are some of my drawings of my Custom Bakugan (well, links to them since the pictures aren't showing). - Adumbration Dragonoid - Adumbration Dragonoid's Ball Form (Open and Closed.)

Role Play Information

Valentin Kazami
Image not available yet.
First appearance Can't say...
Voiced by Valentin Kazami
Age 17 (In Bakugan.)
Gender Male
Date of birth I'm not telling you! That's final!
Race Human
Main Attribute Darkus Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Darkus Amalgam Leonidas

Amalgam Leonidas
Amalgam Leonidas
Attribute Darkus Darkus
Power 1700 G





Omega Leonidas

Doom Leonidas

Epic Leonidas

Theta Leonidas

Zeta Leonidas

Leonidas Colossus

Uranium Leonidas

Amalgam Leonidas

First appearance Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge
Voiced by Himself. -_-"'


Gold Bazaakano BakuNano
Attribute Gold
Power 100 G
First appearance

Around the time period

of "The Final Takedown".


My favorite pages

Wikias I Go On (Admin on there.) (Founder of that Wikia.) (Chat Moderator on there.) (Founder of that Wikia, that Wikia is currently not finished in preperations for more people to join, but you can join anyways if you like.)

Friends on Bakugan Wikia

Friend List will be posted soon!

Dragon Cave Dragons

Please click on my dragon eggs! Thanks!

My favorite songs

"What It Takes To Be A Hero"

"Written in the Stars"

"Move Along"

"Creeping in My Soul"

About me...

Attribute wheel This user has mastered all six Attributes!
Infinity Helios2 This user LOVES Darkus Bakugan.
Speechless This user hates injustice and hates evil!
1359577 normal This user gets mad...REALLY mad...when ever you do the wrong thing, so watch out...
Editing Spree This User goes on editing sprees.
Bakugan ms background This user likes Mechtogan and thinks that they are cool.
Helios becoming the ultimate bakugan. This user demolishes everything in his path if he's mad. Oh yeah, and wants a Cyborg Helios MK2!
Darkus This user LOVES Darkus and uses it in brawls!
Darkus Omega Leonidas Bakugan This user is a fan of Leonidas and Omega Leonidas!
Apollonir Trident This user has a trident Apollonir turned into and is not afraid to use it!

Drawings Gallery

Custom Bakugan Cards Gallery

Custom Bakugan


My Custom Leonidas Evolution Chain FEATURING my Darkus Leonidas Colossus! Also featuring Leonidas and Omega Leonidas!

My Custom Bionicle Kanohi Masks (yes I like Bionicle). (I know I have one so far, but I'll add more later.)

Pictures Gallery

My YouTube Videos

Baku Sky Raiders U.S

Baku Sky Raiders U.S.A Commercial

Bakugan - Secrets

Bakugan - Secrets

Bionicle - Good Life

Bionicle - Good Life

More Quotes and Signatures

120px-Darkus InfinityHelios Open
Why hello there...are you a bad guy, or a good guy? If you're a bad guy, then I'm taking you down in a battle...but if you're a good guy, we can be, I ask you...are you a good guy, or a bad guy...?
That's my warning to evil LOL. Heh heh heh heh heh...

Arceus Formes
Valentin 98 - Go Arceus! Use Gravity!

This is my second signature.

~Valentin 98

My Darkus Infinity Helios signature as a template. Thanks DinoQueen13 for making it into a template!
~Valentin 98
Valentin 98 - Go Arceus! Use Gravity!
My Arceus signature as a template. Thanks again to DinoQueen13 for making it into a template!
My third signature! I even made it by myself finally!
~Valentin 98

Darkus InfinityHelios
Darkus Venexus
Darkus Venexus Open
You have found my profile! Congratlulations! Anyways...hello, and welcome to my profile! ~Valentin 98
Darkus InfinityHelios Open

Valentin 98 Darkus Dharak Talk / Contributions / Blog

Infinity Helios Rising Helios-animation-small - My latest signature. Enjoy!

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