About Me

Greetings. On, my username is LevelUp. On Bakugan Dimensions, it is Jayron. I primarily favor Darkus and Ventus bakugan over any others, and I tend to use Darkus very well in BD. I would use Ventus just as well, but I still need one more Ventus bakugan before I can use all the Ventus styles.

With Dimensions coming to a close, I'd like to thank all the people who are my friends on dimensions, whether wikia members or not, for being my friends on there. You all are what made dimensions a truly entertaining place, and I hope to continue to play other games with some of you.

Once again, thanks

-LevelUp, Umbra of Doom, and Jayron

My Favorite Pages Bakugan/Gear/Traps


Gear and Traps:


My Achievements on BD

  • I have an avatar level over 1080g
  • I have unlocked nearly all the current fighting styles..
  • The highest I've ever been ranked on the leaderboard is currently 10th
  • I have won a Clear Avior for beating Lord Darkus in battle.
  • I have no life (kidding)
Darkus Rules!

O - The warp button.

Cool Pics:

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