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2011-04-14 1141 ...but she is still a tsundere

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Bakugan Special Ending Episode 52

Bakugan Special Ending Episode 52


Introduction, plz

My name is SakuraMiya but I also go by da name of Ximsol182 (which is my account on DeviantArt).

My favorite animes and mangas are Hetalia, Bakugan, Rozen Maiden, Afghanis-tan (a manga actually, is on my avatar image as you see) Sola, Clannad and Bakemonogatari. I'm an active user of this wiki. I'm friendly as long as you don't contradict me. Nah....just joking


My webpages


Now it's all on you, Lena


—Kazarina and Lena, Battle for the Second Shield
I've been walking in circles this whole time!! *hysterical Shadow Prove´s laugh*
—Mason Brown, The Secret of the Orb
Oh snap! That thing is ugly!
—Marucho Marukura, Forgiveness
We've seen a lot of trippy stuff man, but this is craziness.
Hey, are you...?

Your knight in shining armor!

—Chris and Noah, Behind the Mask
Hey! Did you miss me, Princess?

Quit flirting, we are here to settle a score

—Mason Brown and Avior, Gundalian Showdown
(knock knock)

Why does Barodius wear suspenders?

To hold his pants up.

(Mason opens door) Correct

—Mason Brown & Ren Krawler(secret knock), Final Strike
Gundalian soldier: Are you the ones who brought the Chaos Bakugan?

Marucho: No, we're from Earth. We are the Battle Brawlers and we came to...*Paige appears*

Paige: And I'm from Gundalia! So whats with you pointing those things at me? *Rafe appears*

Rafe: Or me! A Castle Knight! *Gundalian soldiers point out at them*

Paige, Rafe and Marucho: WAAAHH!!

—Marucho Marukura, Rafe and Paige, Gundalia Under Fire


My favorite attribute is Haos. I own a Haos Dragonoid and a Haos Robotallion. I used to have a Darkus Centipoid (it wasn´t Haos but it was still awesome) but I lost it. I don´t like much BakuTraps but I own a Pythantusand a Tripod Epsilon. In Bakugan Dimension I still have my Haos Dragonoid, but I also have a Haos Hades.



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