• I live in Somewhere on Earth

I will annihilate you after staring you down.

My name is pronounced as Mac-helios as in the computer and the bakugan.

Not mach-elios If you are going to shorten my username, say Mac, not Mach.

I lose the game too often.

Helios is the ULTIMATE BAKUGAN. Spectra is cool, but is a terrrible brawler. He never uses full power. If Dan was evil and Helios was his partner, they would have taken over the universe in the first season.

And I memorized 200 digits of pi for no reason...


The best game ever...

Pyrus Phosphos2 This User made it to Bendo's UP without being eaten by a vicious hydra, only to be tortured to death by the Nyan Cat!

My favorite pages

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