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About me

I AM A STORM AND SPITFIRE MASTERS ON BD. Sup all you ppl. Some of you should know me from dimensions.Like Bendo,Nuzamaki90,DarkusAlpha, ,Airzel-of-haos,Agent Z.I'm known for bieng crazy, a party dude,and im easily in the top 10 baseball players in my age group in my state.Dont belive me,i hit a ball 2 feet from the fence.Oh and i love burning people. I have a similartie to A.O.H. I LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE Strikeflier. (i think). i can make people laugh sometimes with how crazy i am. I'm good at Guitar Hero. I play on expert, but through fire and flames got me.Oh and i have 3 dogs; boston terrier pug mix,chihuahua,and toy fox terrier. I'm the master of the chihuahua.I named him cha cha the dog who went under the christmas tree this afternoon. And i wouldent suggest messing with me, cause im a brown belt in karate. On dimensions, Dont beat Strike or ill use the secret weapon. My elfin got hit by a car. [C'mere]

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On BD I'm around level 840 or something

I have so many friends.

Strike finally got passed 800 gs

Merlix is gaining gs fast he is curently 700 g (WOOT)

Dharak is 800 g

I have all of the combination Fighting Styles on BD.


i beat a 1010 aranaut and a 1003 coredem and a 1031 Helix Dragonoid. (Extra points to whoever guesses whos they are.)

I'm usually at the school or park or residental. (I'm never where the 4th one is)

When im near Dan I'm usually training.

I'm pretty good at using Storm and Spitfire.

my hobbies are...


bakugan (duh)

did i mention baseball?

listening to music

vidoe games

social studies

and lots more i dont feel like naming.

My favorite bands

Rage Against The Machine

she is such a freak!

David Bowe

Tokio Hotel

System of a down



Queens of the stone age

My Chihuahua Cha Cha


3 days grace

30 seconds to mars

all american rejects

red hot chillie peppers


Skid row


audio slave

bon jovi

Shane dawson remixes

lady gaga (not)

rev theory


kill switch engage



jimmie hendrix

steve ray vaughn

jeff healy band

lynnard skinnard

justin bieber (not)

judist prists





lenny kravits

ozzy osbourn

black sabbeth

the monkees (sounds kinda cheesy right)

black eyed peas

my guitaring (almost)


foxy shazzam

tio cruz

linkin park

big time rushmore (MAD)


red hot chillie peppers

zz top

and much more that i forget.


Kyleronco (talk)

The Striker has awoken to take down the The Enemy 15:05, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

Back to the lab again 21:40, April 14, 2011 (UTC)

. . . 21:29, March 29, 2011 (UTC)


My Team

merlix is my number 3 on my team

dharak or chance dragonoid is my secomd guardian

My guardian bakugan is strikeflier

here are some things that are vital and you should know about me

i have a short temper

dont mess with me or else

my strikeflier smiles all the time (i think there called petophites)

dont make my strikeflier mad

i learned the term of redneck in karate and i dont wanna use it

i do karate

i beat a 1010 aranaut at the 705 g power mark on BD

And a 1003 Stealth Coredem on BD at the 750 G mark

i stay up late

i hate school (kinda)

Strikeflier will kill you all

i nicknamed my strikeflier strike

my dharak is POWERFULL

i think my strike said he wants to kill you all

i have nightmares about losing the war

watch shane dawson on youtube or you'll die

strike just went insane

dont meet me on dimensions after 10:00 EST cause i go insane!

and i threw my strike into sewer water at 12:00

that is when im more insane!

and thats it.

Here are some of my goals

be the noob

become a user

become an admin

become a crat (i think its called)

all the others inbetween

Become as famous as the Beatles on wiki

that will take as long as getting 1000 g on dimensions

On dimensions i dont battle people i dont know that are under my level.There probably too easy to beat unless your close to my level. I cant tolerate the caps lock.ITS ANNOYYING,Just last night GMGloomy made an annoncement bout that. He said IT WAS ANNOYING TOO,

Heres my reputation on dimensions and here, im crazy im insane and im a total party animal. I have a weird felling girls think i hit on them on dimensions,when im really talking to my friends. I get beat up alot. I get annoyed easily. and when im mad im mad.

things i have been through

I have been through...

tornados i was in a car out of my state!

big waves

earthquakes ( small ones)

nor easters (im in one right now. 12/26/10)



and not able to find put how to use color signitures! That is the worst!

my goals( edit wise)












100,000 (yea right)


throw my homework up in the air sometimes saying a oh! ill take a zero!

do crazy stuff.

call drago on dimensions and over sized bird with legs arms and horns.

call clawsauraus on dimensions an over sized spider.

call snapzoid on dimensions an over sized worm.

Here are a couple of songs and vids i like Beiber fever justin beiber baby spoof shane dawson sexy truth or dare somebody is p***** in this video. Maybe 2 people hope it gives you h*** all american rejects (please dont block me out)

my power

 i have 3 uncommin powers: I can predict a song on a radio (did it twice) i can tell how you feel by looking into your eyes, i can get stregnth from nowhere.

people i owe big time

DA (biggest of all)



much more to come


My favorite pages

  • This page

  • Strikeflier

  • Jakalier </font&gt

Getting the color back.

Find the N









Did you find them?

Patryk Jan Cesarz 5 (5).PNG This User fell for such an obvious trick

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