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  • I live in United States of America, Earth
  • My occupation is Exterminating trolls, vandalisers, and jerks
  • I am Male
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About Me

Hi! My User name is Erimal. I am the creator of a personal Wikia that I run with my friends and a few Bakugan Wiki users. I am a Pyrus Brawler and because of this Wikia, I know about everything about Bakugan.

Bakugan Dimensions

I am on Bakugan Demensions as Hothead38.

My Bakugan


(Listed Strongest to Weakest)

  • Pyrus Battalix Dragonoid 770g
  • Pyrus Sky & Gaia Dragonoid Sky: 720g / Gaia: 860g
  • Pyrus Krakix 780g
  • Pyrus Abis Omega 730g
  • Pyrus Lumitroid 730g
  • Pyrus Coredem 720g
  • Pyrus Helix Dragonoid 700g (Co-Guardian, Ambassador)
  • White Naga 650g
  • Pyrus (7 in 1) Neo Dragonoid 650g
  • Pyrus Neo Dragonoid 640g
  • Pyrus Neo Dragonoid 575g
  • Haos Midnight Percival 570g
  • Pyrus Neo Dragonoid 540g (Co-Guardian)
  • Pyrus Limulus 510g
  • Subterra Thunder Wilda 500g
  • Pyrus Percival 500g
  • Aquos Diablo Preyas 480g
  • Pyrus Dragonoid 450g


  • Aquos Tripod Epsilon (Pyrus, Subterra, Darkus)
  • Pyrus Hylash (Ventus, Darkus)
  • Pyrus Spyderfencer (Aquos)
  • Aquos Grafias (Pyrus)
  • Haos Brachium (Darkus)
  • Darkus Dark Hound (Haos)
  • Subterra Grakas Hound (Ventus)
  • Ventus Spitarm (Subterra)

Battle Gear

  • Gold Twin Destructor 90g
  • Silver JetKor 50g
  • Copper Blasteroid 50g
  • Gold Beamblitzer 120g
  • Silver Axator Gear 80g (won't open on metal, but still used on Dragonoid Colossus)
  • Gold Nukix Gear 100g

Deluxe Battle Gear

  • Silver JetKor 110g

Colossus Bakugan

  • Colossus Dragonoid (hub)

Retired Bakugan

  • Pyrus (L1) Robotallion 360g
  • Subterra Spin Dragonoid 640g (won't spin)

Deceased Bakugan

  • Haos Serpenoid 500g


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Erimal|What‘s up!

Erimal|Erimal superior, vandalisers inferior!

People I get along with here

Pages I've made

  1. List of Bakugan Battle Brawlers (video game) Awards
  2. Bolcanon

Pictures I've made off Youtube

My BD Bakugan

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