General information
Title Game Master
The Witch of Judgement
Gender Female
Hair Color Zebra. (Beach, please)
Eye Color Brown
Race Human
Hobbies Drawing
Talking with her sorella
Likes Ice Cream
Pwning N00bs
Proper grammar
Dislikes N00bs
Theme Song One-Sided Love
Status Pwning

Note: This is about DinoQueen13 in REAL LIFE. For the Queenie that you usually know, see User:DinoQueen13/Queenie-Beatrice.

About Me

I am a very big stickler on grammar and spelling. One of my pet peeves, alongside stupid people (believe me, I've seen my fair share already), is fighting. Fighting in general is dumb unless it's in a show, but online fights are even worse.Trust me.

I love taking HQ screenshots.

Where You Can Find Me

NOTE: You are accessing these sites at your own risk. I am not responsible for any sort of mental trauma or twisted thoughts that may occur by opening these websites.

Important Things to Know About Me

  1. Trust me, I know stuff. And I know how to use a lot of Wiki functions that people don't use ... so you can probably ask me for any help (Wiki-related or not).
  2. Don't try talking about me behind my back. I get email updates for every page I edit. User talk pages included.
    1. This is why I have uber stalker skills.
  3. I eat trolls, spammers, and vandals.
  4. I see myself as the cruelest of the Admins. TS and AOH are just short-tempered, but I can make your time here living h-ll if you cross me. And I keep grudges. For a looooong time.
  5. Yes, I am Christian. No, I am not a nun. No, I am not Roman Catholic.
  6. If you're wondering, why I always greet people with "Yo" in Chat, it's supposed to sound like this, with a slight accent.
About La Reina (The Queen)
Bgknsamultiscreen.png This User is AOH's Big Sister.
Mira gate card.png This User enjoys shooting down vandals.
Ventus Symbol.jpg This User's favorite attribute is Ventus
Kazarinabbpe35.jpg This User is part of the Anti-Kazarina Club
Chanlee.jpg This User's favorite character is Chan Lee
Lync waiting for food.jpg This User's second favorite character is Lync Volan
481 1254322326.jpg This User likes vectors
2011-04-14 1141.png This User gets cranky very easily
NV poster.PNG This User's favorite season is Bakugan: New Vestroia
Chess Game Masters.jpg This User is a Game Master in Chess.


  1. I have one of the biggest mood swings in the entire Community, alongside AOH and Rayne.
  2. That said, I'm especially nasty during my PMS1 (pre), MS, and PMS2 (post). If you don't understand, you will once you take Health class.
  3. Mess with my siblings (for now, it's only AOH), and you'll be facing me, too.
  4. I'm an Admin. You never cross the Admins here, because we are the nastiest-tempered Admins you'll ever meet.

Tropes that Apply to Me


  • Create a countdown timer 600px-Yes check.svg.png (here it is! RPW)

Bakugan Dimensions

My own BD account.

I go by the username Eandeavor3 (thanks to the retired User:Eandeavor3). I'm around level 610.

Under my own account, I'm level 345.


Silence, human! Do not judge my Supporter based on human intelligence!
*crushes cellphone* He must be out of his mind. He will need to be educated on manners again.
Me. Any questions?
—Myself , Bakugan Wiki (to DA about Ji's release)
I'm not really good at compromising websites and stealing info ... just not how I eat my sushi.
—DinoQueen13 , Bakugan Wiki

Wikis I Edit

  1. Dinosaur King Wiki (bureaucrat)
    1. Dinosaur King Fanon Wiki (administrator)
    2. Dino Rey Wiki
  2. Bakugan Wiki (bureaucrat)
    1. Bakugan Random Talk Wiki (administrator)
    2. Bakugan Fanon Wiki
    3. Bakugan Role Play Wiki
  3. Marchen Awakens Romance Wiki
  4. Narutopedia
  5. Flame of Recca Wiki
  6. Samurai Deeper Kyo Wiki
  7. Nightschool (bureaucrat/founder)
  8. MyDinos Wiki
  9. Ninja Saga Unofficial Wiki
  10. Witch Hunter Wiki (administrator)
  11. Kurohime Wiki
  12. Shitsurakuen Wiki (bureaucrat)
  13. Magic Knight Rayearth Wiki
  14. Faeries' Landing Wiki (bureaucrat/founder)
  15. XBlade Wiki (bureaucrat/founder)
  16. Umineko no Naku Koro ni Wiki (bureaucrat)
  17. Until Death Do Us Part Wiki

My Signatures

DinoQueen13 Don't run, accept your errors, the truths, the lies
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All things wither before Time ...

My second signature template

DinoQueen13 (Talk · Blog)

By Beruko08/Bernkastel07

Read the Policies and the Manual of Style

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Queenie-Beatrice (Talk · Blogs)

Possible Future Signatures

  • Don't run, accept your errors, the truths, the lies

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ALL SIGNATURES FROM ANIMESUKI. http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=69582

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