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<p style="text-align: center;">Welcome to CoolBlazeBaku's Profile Page. I am new to the Bakugan Wiki but I started watching Bakugan when it just started.</p>
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==About Me==
I am thirteen years old and love Bakugan. I think the best season so far is [ Mechtanium Surge,] then [ Bakugan Battle Brawler], then [ Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestoia] and then [ Bakugan: Gundalian Inaders]. I also like Pokemon a little bit and I love some of the Pokemon. My favourite Pokemon is Arcues, then Snorlax and after Snorlax it's Darkrai.
==Favourite Pages==
*[ Mechtogan Titan]
*[ Mechtogan]
*[ Zenthon Titan]
*[ Zenthon]
*[ Titanium Dragonoid]
*[ Dan Kuso]
*[ Infinity Helios]
*[ Razenoid]
*Become an admin
*<strike>Make 100 edits</strike>
*<strike>Make 500 edits</strike>
*Become known by a lot of people
*Have lots of friends
*<strike>Make 1000 edits</strike>
*Make 1500 edits
*Make 2000 edits
*Make 2250 edits
*Make 2500 edits
*[ Airzel-of-haos]
*[ TooNBaku]
*[ DinoQueen13]
*[ Scar-RedNovaDragon]
*[ Taylean2002]
*[ Shan the Hedgehog]
==Favourite Pictures:==

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