About Me:

I Love Bakugan and I watch it every Monday on Youtube. Also finally SPECTRA is BACK!!!! I also like watching
317px-Spectra's Return

The return of Spectra Phantom but Darkus attribute. Remember me!

Pokemon on Sundays.

Thing that I Like to do:

Play on my iPod Touch, Play on my Ds, Watch Bakugan, Play on my awesome MacBook laptop, Talk to friends and watch movies.

Favourite Pages:

Spectra Phanton, Dan, Bakugan episodes, Titanium Dragonoid, Tripe Threat (Episode), Infinty Helios, Zenthon, Zenthon Titan, Sellon, Anubias, Razenoid and Mag Mel.


LedaMarie and ToonBaku. If anyone want a friend come to me and talk to me anytime.


HAHAHA. Titanium Dragonoid and Mechtogan Zenthon are so week. DESTROY!!!!

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