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Bendos the Silent
Char harlequin.png
The All-'Murican Editor
General information
User Name Bendos the Silent
Nickname Ben-bro
LordBendos (PS4)
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Race Human (?)
Hobbies Writing/Reading
Likes Kittens
Pointless violence
The Internet
Dislikes This ugly son-uva ...
Plot holes
Anything productive
Most of school
Weapon Musket
Theme Song Ships of Legend
Status Semi-active

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A Brief Biography

Greetings and salutations, internet dweller. I am Bendos the Silent, otherwise referred to as Bendos by friends among these parts. I am a junior in high school and a fairly experienced editor among Wikia. Despite my interests elsewhere, Bakugan Wiki was and still is the foremost wiki that I keep an eye on. I've attempted to branch out from this wiki to other wikis and websites, but my attempts have either been unwelcome or I have simply not taken any further interest in them.

As a brief rundown on what I'm like, I'm your unfriendly neighborhood cynic. ... Alright, not entirely true, but it's a rare occasion to see me not being sarcastic in some shape or form. I'm reasonable easy to get along with in most cases. Keyword there being most. To say I've a bit of a dark personality is a bit of an understatement; just take a look at my profile pic.

My hobbies include reading, writing in my spare time, and gaming. I'm an avid fan of sandbox/open world and fighting games. My favorites of the two genres are Assassin's Creed II and Injustice: Gods Among Us respectively, both of which I still play more than most recent games. I do on occasion hop onto a mic and talk with others while playing online, but not on a regular basis. I mainly keep my microphone off because of my tendency to use some ... choice words when I get frustrated.

My Activities in the Bakugan Community

My interest in Bakugan was piqued when I saw a commercial in 2010 about Bakugan Traps. Up until that point, I had considered Bakugan a cheap rip-off of Pokémon (which I suppose it is ... huh) but the commercial sunk its manipulative claws into me and I decided to take a trip to Target and buy a Metalfencer. I originally thought it would be a one-time purchase, but over the next two years, I became a collector and my ensemble of Bakugan would balloon to well over 300 separate Bakugan in total.

I actively played Bakugan Dimensions while it ran on Beta. I was, on a few occasions, able to crack the Top 100 players, but I never honestly cared. I played the game because it was the only way I could compete against others, seeing as Bakugan had already died where I live.

The only Bakugan website I've ever contributed to for more than a day is this one. I considered making an account on the official forums for a time, but the notion didn't interest me for long-term activity and I decided against it.