Ace Grit the Darkus Hero

aka Lukas the Castle Knight, Lukas

  • I live in Valença - RJ
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is I have no occupation
  • I am Male

Hi, I am the Ace Grit, the Darkus Brawler of the Bakugan Resistance, I am the Vestal, my attribute is Darkus, the attribute of darkness, of course, my favorite Bakugan is the Guardian Bakugan called the Darkus Knight Percival. I am the Darkus Brawler, I am the hero for the Bakugan series.

My Favorite Battle Brawlers

My Favorite Bakugan

My Favorite Animes

My Favorite Attribute

My Favorite Element of Nature

  • Fire

My Zodiac Sign

  • Aries

My Zodiac Sign's Element of Nature

  • Fire (as a coincidence, my favorite)

My Favorite Characters of My Story (Water Characters Only)

  • Water Dragon
  • Wizard "Guardian of the Veil" of Water (with the Dragon Head, male adult version for the "W.I.T.C.H.")

My Fan-Fictions About "Bakugan" Series

  • Bakugan Ages Fanon Wiki (for Zilghidorah, based in Zilghidorah's fan-fictions in Bakugan Fanon Wiki, now I erased some characters of Bakugan anime, mainly to create the newest thing to myself and some fans who like to see this.)
  • Bakugan Lukas Fanon Wiki (for myself)

My Alternative Timeline of New Seasons of "Bakugan" Series

Bakugan Lukas Fanon Wiki

  • Bakugan: New Castle Knights
  • Bakugan: The Adventures of Ace Grit

Bakugan Ages Fanon Wiki

  • Bakugan: New Age

Current Battle Brawlers From My "Bakugan Fanons"

From Bakugan Lukas Fanon Wiki

As in Bakugan: New Castle Knights - First Main Heroes

As in Bakugan: The Adventures of Ace Grit - Second Main Heroes

As in Bakugan: Lumagrowl's New Partner

As in Bakugan: Barodius' Return

As in Bakugan: Mechtanium Knights

From Bakugan Ages Fanon Wiki

As in Bakugan: New Age

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