(Note: This was supposed to be done three months ago. I’m just a lazy idiot who puts things off way too much.)

In the unlikely fact that any of you will ever read this:


Looking back at when I first became an administrator of this Wiki almost five years ago, when the only chat we had was the extremely laggy Shoutbox, and Oasis hadn’t even been conceived yet, I realize that I didn’t have a sodding clue as to what I was doing. I’ll even fess up to banning the words “crap” and “suck” out of sheer dumb ignorance. (feel free to call past A2 a dumb*** as much as you like.) Since then, however, I’ve learned a lot from Wikia, oddly enough, that’s helped me in Real Life. So, last December, after looking over some old posts, I decided to make a sort of “memorandum” for the Wiki, as I know several of us invested enormous amounts of time into the construction and maintaining of the site. Now, I don’t have the best memory, but I’ll try my best with a quick reconstruction of the Wiki’s history.

A Brief History

Like most Wikis, we went through many different phases of administration. I remember having Rhivana and Blazecannon as admins, if only for a little while. Then we had me promoting DM after him only editing from three days, simply because I was looking for someone else who was competent. Things shifted, but it all ended up as we all know it, with Queenie, DM, and myself, as the sort of triumvirate of the Wiki, and then Airzel being the “head admin”, and so on and so forth. *cough Zach, Kelly, Dart cough* And then, even with my own incompetent leadership, something interesting happened.

We actually became a site. Not just a little fan-site that sits in the dark recesses of the untamable internet, but a regularly visited site. We had our own news feed, and were generally the first ones on the ball when something new came out. I remember, there was even a Bakugan magazine (marketing, lol), and I was surprised to open it and see our little site at rank 4. Beckett%27s_Top_4.jpg

When I first found that article, there was a little bubble of pride inside of me. Something, that I had contributed to, was considered good. (granted, by a crappy sort of media, but that’s beside the fact)

Speaking of crappy media, let’s all be frank here, most of what we worked with was crappy. The show was often lackluster, the toys were often defective, BD was broken on Day 1, and the physical game just got ridiculous after Season 2. However, something kept drawing us back.

After that, we just kept growing and growing. It became fun searching through foreign toy sites, looking for the next series of figures, making pages, etc. Soon, we were actively competing for the spot of tenth largest anime-related Wiki. I believe we’re still one of the largest, in terms of content and such, which amazes me.


Hopefully, all of you still have the memories I remember you for, so you’ll remember that I asked you to list some of your favorite memories about the site. Well, here goes:


“WHY DOES THIS MAKE ME SORTA WANNA CRY?! HMM?! But yeah, we should. I figure I'll start.

I can actually clearly remember then night that I joined this site. It was during Spring Break about four years ago, when GI was just getting started. Yeah I made the account when I was 12, but that doesn't matter anymore. I think a lot of the members here that have been here longer than I (which are few and far between) remember how I introduced myself. It was a vaguely written page titled "Airzel-of-Haos", and I got that stupid automated message saying that Recgameboy was actually going to help me if I needed it.

Over a couple short months, I learned the ropes, did the edits, made the blogs, and eventually became an Admin. To this day, I am still the most promoted/demoted/remoted Admin here, and no matter how much of a pain it came to be, I still found a way to get my status back. During this time, I remember Bendo coming online, and after he got over his little mean-streak, we became good friends. We're still pretty close, although I must admit that it's a shame we don't email or anything to keep in touch. Oh, yeah, Bendo, meet me on the chat.

I remember how we weeded out the bad Admins over time. Rec was the first to go because my crew and I took over his precious RPW and left when we wouldn't listen to his rules. I also remember TS leaving ... just cuz, I guess? To this day, I can't find it in my heart to truly hate them both, but I can't really say much positive about them either.

Queenie, sis, I still remember how we met. Pneumonosilicovolcaniosis. That one word made me hate and admire you so much, and I still admire you to this very day. You were actually the first one who made me think about having more family than family being online, and I still make it a point to find family on whatever website I go to. You really made me have a lot more of a trusting personality, and I thank you for that. I also remember, and I'm sure many of you remember as well, the Golden Clan. It may not be active anymore, but it was still fun. We became the ruling body of this Wiki, and we still are. Longevity is key to many good things, am I not right?

BD came around, and ... oh god the memories are coming back ... So many good people, and equally as many fools and self-indulgent pricks (other than myself, of course), flooded into the wiki just because they wanted their two cents put in on the BD pages. I loved how dramatic the "Sacred Seven" or whatever the were called were. I honestly got a big kick out of it. A lot of good people eventually left because of BD as well, even a lot of users that were here since just after I was. Hyena, if anyone remembers her, was never heard from after BD got about 3 months in or so. It's a shame, really, that ten or twelve good users just left during the time.

After BD shut down, Mechtanium surge was coming to a close. We never did get the Wave 5 video for Mechtanium Surge. Still haven't. In the end, it doesn't matter, because with the end of the show, this wiki more or less went into a coma. We still have Bakutech, but so many people didn't want Bakugan to change because of nostalgia that it just won't happen in America.

Where do I stand now? I am a more social person. I care about more than myself, and I have learned to try to keep my anger in check. I have four years of amazing memories, awesome friends, and people that just don't deserve to even have their name on the face of this Wiki. This wiki was and still is important to me, but the importance has shifted. Instead of being my daily check-in website that I had to keep monitor of at all times, it's now where I come to listen to music while I scroll through pages and relive memories. Memories that float above me like a celestial body.

Not too bad, considering this was my first true experience with the internet and how people can be.

I have no regrets about coming here, only hopes that I will come back in a few years to a reboot. If that happens, I will gladly take my Admin spot with pride, uphold it with honor, and keep this place running. Until then, this is my scrap book, and I'm glad I was here.”


“Ooh, nostalgia, how can I pass this up? *pulls out a dusty history book*

Back in the stone age of 2010, I, Bendo14, pompous jerk at the time, joined the then-thriving Bakugan Wiki, around the same time that most of this wiki's major Users came around.

My first contribution to this wiki wasn't a contribution really. It was a blog that somehow got around 300 comments. I basically asked all the people here I didn't know yet which of the Gundalians' Bakugan would be the first that the Brawlers would face. Of course, the random blog policy wasn't in place at the time, so it was a success with so many hits. I took it as a motivator to stick around.

Admittedly, I definitely was an idiot (understatement of the century, but for the sake of this being a children's wiki, I'll leave the specifics out) and I honestly have no idea how anybody thought I was Admin material, but I somehow secured the post and worked as an Administrator for a good year and a half.

I had my clashes with some of the other admins (though nothing serious I suppose), mainly TS and Airzel. I don't recall ever really becoming much of a friend with TS, seeing as he wasn't much better than I was (albeit a bit more mature), but I found a great friend in Airzel, once I actually gained some common sense. I warmed up to a few of the other Users around here and soon enough, voila, I have a group of friends I never thought I would have. Yes, I was and still am in real life an antisocial freak. Shut up or I'll stab you. *epic hidden blade*

The wiki had its hardships, specifically from a few of its newer Users. I won't mention them by name, but I believe the initials 'AR' will suffice. Every time I look back at the blogs made by said unnamed parties, I laugh at their stupidity as well my own. I stand by my belief that I was never a good Administrator based on the decisions I made, but I find myself strangely not regretting my work here. Huh.

From there, there's not much else to tell, seeing as not much else happened, besides BD's downfall and the steady decline of this ghost town. I just happened to start losing interest in the franchise until I was at the point I am now. A hyper-critical Assassin who has a tendency to devour souls and aspires to be an author.

I think I've been properly corrupted by the Internet. Wonderful.

Like a bunch of people here, this was my first experience on the internet. I learned more morals and lessons from the people on this wiki than I have from any point in my life, and I credit the wonderful people of this wiki for being so good to me even when I didn't reciprocate the gesture.

To anybody I knew who has bothered to read my tedious, poorly-written memories, I thank you, and I hope to see as many of you as possible when we assemble for Bakumas. And Airzel, I'll meet you on Chat when I can. Put a date and time on my talk page or something. I'm busy with preparing for a debate for school this week >.>

But never busy enough not to reminisce about the past. ^_^

  • disappears in a crowd of civilians*”

Darkus Cerberus

“Now im not good with long posts, so this is just a short sweet thank you for all the memories,and random meaningless arguments(im looking at you AOH).I hope we all remember the awesome and not so awesome stuff that happened here.Have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thanks for the memories”


“Well, I first came to this Wiki in its very early beginnings; it formed right around the time that New Vestroia began airing. This was the second Wiki I began editing on, the first being the Dinosaur King. However, as the Wiki was not well-organized, I found the task of fixing the appalling grammar and spelling mistakes (which was my original reason for editing) while adding content to be too daunting to face alone, and left the Wiki.

I came back a year or two later to find a buzzing community that, honestly, was also rather chaotic. Abce2, TwinStar, Recgameboy, and DarkusMaster had already become Admins (there were some others, too, but they already were inactive by then) at this point. I decided to jump back into the Wiki with my first blog post. It was through that blog post that I started my friendship with some of the Wiki members, most notably AOH (now DemonisAOH), Winxrainbowix, and A2. Who would ever thought that remembering the definition for "pneumonosilicovolcaniosis" would kick-start some of the best friendships I've ever had?

Not too long after I came, Recgameboy left the Wiki due to arguments over the enormous quantities of Monarus and Zenet pictures he posted. Unfortunately for him, I can't actually recollect anything else he did. Probably a couple months or a year later, TwinStar also left due to arguments with the other Administrators. By this time, among the Admins promoted were myself, Bendo, and AOH.

And man -- us Admins could sure get into arguments with other users. AR, Ji Robinson, GoD (I can't even remember his original username now); they were among the most infamous users on the Bakugan Wiki due to the amount of arguments we got into. AR was probably the most notable, maybe for his quotes like "I can't speak English well, I'm from Australia!" (I fixed his grammar and spelling here), although Ji did take advantage of IP-hopping to continuously return as an anony and only ended up annoying the heck out of certain Admins. We also made enemies out of old friends (Artemisblossom comes to mind; I disowned her as my apprentice after a certain incident I can't quite remember anymore) and saw friends leave after months and years of dedication.

Honestly, probably half of the fights on the Wiki that broke out could have easily been resolved ... if we weren't mostly middle-school (or even high-school) students that had yet to mature. Poor A2. Being A2 is suffering, being a college student watching his fledgling fellow Wikians act like the little kids they are (and having to deal with their crap). Of course, I'm not exempt -- I can recollect a number of times where I essentially instigated or promoted a fight because I took sides or strictly enforced the rules on our fellow contributors.

I wasn't really sucked into the Bakugan Dimensions craze, primarily because I held no interest in Bakugan toys themselves and thus had no reason to go and buy any for their codes. I briefly had control of another Wikian's account because he gave it to me, but I eventually relinquished control when it turned out that he forgot about our agreement. (It was pretty awkward, dood.)

Our Wiki became among the Top 10 Wikis and we enjoyed getting the Spotlight sometimes. The community was thriving in spite of the chaos it produced, and we had merry times on Chat and during holidays. I managed to get several of us addicted to Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and we formed the Golden Clan and used various Umineko terms in dealing with different users. the non-Umineko lovers were probably confused as heck by our shenanigans.

Well, to this day, I can say that I have never watched an episode of Gundalian Invaders or Mechtanium Surge (or at least, not in its entirety). I started falling out of my interest in Bakugan and only came for three reasons: 1) the community (I love you all ... when "all" means "people that I like/don't make any trouble"), 2) grammar and spelling (I haven't changed much in that regard), and 3) to keep an eye on any misbehaving miscreants (redundant much?). Even so, I honestly wished that the Wiki wouldn't split apart.

But times change, as do people. Interests shifted, real life interfered with our online one, and we eventually went our separate ways. Some of us still keep in contact or follow each other on different websites, but now, only the shadow of what was once a buzzing community remains. Nevertheless, the memory of that once-mighty Wiki will remain in our hearts. I can still say that this is probably the best online community I've been on, and the second best in my life as a whole.

Wish you all well,

The One and Only Queenie-Beatrice.”


“i was Zierant when i first joined but i later changed my name 8 months later i think so i joined september 2011, i actually discovered wikia in like, february 2011 i think.

Anyways i first started collecting bakugan since the first season and when i found bakugan wiki i was pretty interested, I made some friends here and stuff so i was here until 20 episodes into Bakutech

right now im on other wikis but recently i retired from one of the wikis i joined in june 2012, but Nintendocan (now called Gaming Fanatic), wolf, val, ice, and c22 and I migrated to Pyruslords Wiki (now called Fanonlords Wiki)

and thats it i think”


“I haven't been on this Wiki as long as Queenie, Bendo, or AOH, so my post is going to be shorter, but I guess I'll fill up the crust of the pizza with the cheese that is English as much as I can.

I first came to find this Wiki when I wanted to know which characters had which Bakugan. Yes I do stuff like that. I used to do the same for Pokemon, but conceded due to the galactic amount of their anime episodes. Made few edits here and there up until about when New Vestroia ended. But when Gundalian Invaders started, I was confused by the whole ordeal of +17 main characters in one seasonPlus there were no more Bakugans to keep the number of since each character almost only used one so I just forgot about Bakugan and BW.

I made the account in June but ended up contributing no more than about a couple edits and pretty much forgot about the place. I wasn't even aware that there was a community behind the Wiki at the time.

I came back to the Wiki when Mechtanium Surge started. While editing stuff, I found a blog where bunch of users commented on. Even then, I wasn't interested in joining one of them, just editing stuff, which consisted of adding small things, correcting content/grammar, and undoing vandals. From the looks of it, when I "officially" joined was not too long after TS left.

If I got into arguments, it was probably during my early days, but I think the only actual argument among them was with Kelly. I had some different views on how some of the page should be structured and I think I clashed onto some people in the process. Maybe that was when I began to realize there were "other people" in BW.

When I saw "rollback" button right next to "Undo" button, I was confused as what it was. I accidentally clicked it, and it probably have erased a fine edit lol. At least becoming a rollback without knowing anyone in the Wiki must have meant that on retrospect, people began to observe me. Probably because of some of the rampant users already named. But by the time I got here, among them I only saw AR, so I guess that was a good thing.

Then I began to go to chat and comment on blogs. I think one time I got onto chat, DarkNovaX was there and someone kept skeptical eye to me because our usernames were awfully identical. Ha. I talk to people, people talk to me. I wasn't a talkative type and am not even to this day.So when I'm typing a wall of text, unless it's an occasion like this, it was merely to intimidate people. But for some reason, Nova approached me with truckloads of PM everytime I entered the chat. We talked, I got to know about other people from him, and we became friends.

One thing I noticed about the Wiki was that some people, notably admins, were uh.. grumpy. But I was grumpy at that time and as I stayed, I naturally considered that to be a norm so I stopped thinking about it quickly.Stalking user logs and user talk pages was another thing I did when I got bored with editting. Besides, I liked to be picky about what other people did in the Wiki articles.

Starting around October, I began to type stuff outside of the articles and chatroom in crimson. It was just for escaping the blandness of the black texts that other people always had.

I edited a lot in a typical day, so I might well turned on the chat and stayed there while my editing spree was onward. Eventually, I talked to people more and people talked more with me and I was one of the community by the time I was a CM. The BW community was more coherent than I thought in an encyclopedic website, so I naturally came to BW often for purposed outside of merely editing.

I don't think there were any changes in adminship when I was a edit fanatic until I became one. When I did, I remembered the time when I was mean at Zie and Kodokor when they were new, so to users who were doing something wrong, I tried to explain what they were doing wrong and leave them off with just "Heads Up" rather than warnings.But then some other admin continues with "This is your first warning", making me feel terribly bad about myself.

Afterwards, when the BakuTech started to dominate the major article updates, the activity in the Wiki was slowly diminishing. Admins were demoted and I barely logged in as well (also some schoolwork in college), so I resigned. But now, since I'm old and bored of life, I sometimes stop by here.

Overall, BW was a great experience on the internet. I may have been one of the users who joined the BW community the latest, but now I kind of regret not doing it right when I made the account. It's unfortunate that the community isn't what it used to be, but memories aren't edible so they never expire. It's been fun and I had a blast. I will still stop by here time to time until I'm one of the last survivors remaining.

Now I leave you Queenie and mentlegen with some snacks.”


“I've been on this wiki for about two years, I think, and it was one of the first online communities I had.

I wasn't on this wiki around BD, but when it came along, I couldn't play until very late in when I got my first GI Bakugan (They weren't sold where I lived at the time BD was made). I was in America at the time, which meant I had accses to GI Bakugan, but also meant I had limited internet and time. Even then, I didn't play BD much. Can't even remember my name.

I first found this wiki as an Anon, just going from page to page, seeing what Bakugan I wanted and which were awful, etc etc.

I actually made an account some time during the Mechtanium Surge, but I didn't know too much due to where I live, which I still had New Vestroia airing. I remember only making the account to post my first custom Bakugan on Kellly's Create A Bakugan Contest. I then forgot about the wiki for a bit, but I think a few weeks later I stumbled back on and clicked the Join Chat button. I don't remember exactly who was on, but I think Winx and DarkNova were.

I didn't really edit, but I would come on chat while I did other work. The reason I didn't edit is because I had no real information about Bakugan, no pictures to upload.

Eventually I started to get to know people, and I was on chat quite a bit. I didn't have too many issues with people, and I guess I was just that guy in chat people talked too. I doubt you'd see my name editing on here.

TBHW was the second wiki I went too, though I still went here often. And then there was a migration to BRPW, and users were generally fading away. There wasn't much to do anymore with the communities split up. Even at Pyruslords (Fanonlords now), there was only a small portion of the original amount of users at BW.

I'm glad to see this blog, since I do believe this wiki was amazing. It really introduced me to the internet. I know I'm not really big on here, since I was never a Chat Mod or an Admin or a major contributor, but hopefully I won't be forgotten :P I will come on every now and then.

Thanks for all the good times guys.”


“When I sit down and think about it, I think of how I made my account in the winter and disappeared for a few months before actually coming on. I would go on chat for the first time, when I didn't mean to go on. It was all an accident for me to go on, but I'm glad I did go on chat. I believe met Bendo, AoH, and Ice on chat that day and it was a good time.

I also remember being horrible at editing arond the time. Not knowing how to make a page or how to use categories. Thankfully though, DM was there and helped me. If this never happened, I would have never found this interest in making story episodes at the time.

Thank you, Ice, AoH, Bendo, DM, and so many more users.”


“Before I begin, I'd like to say how great its been to read through everyone's stories and personal memories. There were times in which I laughed, and times that really makes me miss what this place used to be, and regret I didn't join the community earlier!

I first discovered the wiki around the time when the New Vestroia line of products were first coming out in Australia, but didn't make an account and lurked for a little while. The articles weren't as good as they were these days, but I was honestly a little afraid to make an edit because I had no idea how the place worked. I lefted, and came back a while later, about halfway through GI.

This return didn't last too long, and I once again resumed my inactivity. I returned again right towards the end of MS, and decided to actually make an account after watching Evil vs. Evil, one of my personal favourite episodes of MS.

I started editing, and realised how great the place was. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I was doing, and got my first few warnings pretty quickly. Badges were definitely a weakness. Oh, how I wanted 'dem badges (I apologise to Queenie for that one time where I made all those mistaken edits on the BD pages and she had to go and clean up after me). They were my undoing, and I ended up with 3 warnings pretty quickly, though no one blocked me.

It was about that time that I discovered chat, and started to interact with the members of the community. I found those that I liked (Nintendo (now Gaming Fanatic), Infinity, Barcibal and Zach), and those that initially indimitated me (AOH buddy ^^), though I really started to warm up to the community.

Still failing to comprehend some of the rules, I made a fan art blog and got myself a lot of scolding, a 2 week block, and further insults for having 4 warnings. While I did get over it, I never felt the same about the place and was kind of afraid of editing after that. I partially left the place, but stayed in the "Bakugan community" through other fanon-based Bakugan wiki.

It was there that I got to better know a lot of people from BW and forged some proper friendships.

After learning from my mistakes and taking notes from others, I returned more regularly and started to edit again, hopefully helping a little. Of course, by the time I had joined, the anime and franchise as a whole was well and truly wrapping up in my country, and the US followed soon after. As a result, the wiki started to fall into inactivity. With Bakutech being the only thing left for Bakugan, people were leaving left, right and centre. I remained, and was eventually granted admin rights, which I still feel I do very little with, seeing as how little activity we have these days.

Anyway, to wrap up I'd just like to say that this place was the heart of a time in my life I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I want to thank literally everyone I ever interacted with, you've all been great and I hope I can catch up with some of you soon! Good or bad (very few people I didn't like, actually) you've all helped to forge an amazing experience. I'll stick around and help for as long as possible.”


“Well, ill be 100% spending my time here on christmas day (26th of christmas for me?). This will be my final day on this wiki. Sorry for leaving eith such a short notice, school work is stomping me (preperation for year 12 op) and ive gotta work my behind off to get a good occupation/get into uni i want. Ive paid visits to the wiki several times throughout the year, reading comments, thoughts of my fev interwebs people (Abce2, Dq!). Needless to say, im sad that bakugan has died out, but at least our bonds amongst the users (well what is left) is strong. I will definately spend the whole day ( night? ) on the site's chat, talking and communicating for the last time, making my leave official. Anyways, see you guys then. Ps what is with these god darn adds? What the deck happened to wikia? Peace <3 kelly”


Here it comes. Memories from the gullible metal head that would apply himself deeply to anything of the smallest extent at the time. I started out in late 2010, which was one of the best years of my life. I remember that I had a really bad teacher that year and I would always come to this place and talk with the awesome people that were always here. It helped me escape my troubles and worries. 

I found out about this place through Dimensions as I recall. That was also when I found out about BakuganI'm not completely sure as it was 4 years ago and I don't remember many of the smaller things. BD was another thing that I would say that I loved. My parents disapproved of it, but I would go on anyway. I was an active contributor to this place for I believe almost 2 years.

I was incredibly immature. I know that now, but I can promise you I'm much more grown up. Although I'm more grown up I have been exposed to society, and have aquired many problems along my short journey. It's like walking into a radioactive mess without a hazmat suit on. I loved talking music with AOH, as we both listened to the same bands and he got me into Linkin Park, which I don't know where I'd be today with out either of them. I lost interest in metal though, and I now prefer classic rock.

I'm pulling a Queenie, I thought that I'd type less, but the RTW is now completely dead, and I remember those nights where everybody would be on there. The IRC, or chat would have at least 4 people on there. Now it's completely dead. 

There was a lot of arguements and disputes on this place, one of the most famous being the Ji The problem with the Sirens was funny. 

I'm done writing all of my stupid little experiences, thanks for the memories everybody.


-July 19th, 2017-

Welp, I guess it's time I finally do this. I honestly don't know what to say that hasn't been said already, which is why I put this off for SO long. But I might as well give it a shot, right?

I'm sure most of you know me better as Nintendocan, but that's a name I retired at least 3 years ago.

I can't believe it's been almost 6 years since I first joined the Bakugan Wiki chat and started to get to know you all. I had just turned 13 when that happened, and now I'm turning 19 in only ten days. So much time has passed since then, and I've changed and matured so much. I'm sure you all have as well. Being around you guys is what started to make me mature at first in the first place. When I came back to school after summer had ended, some people would comment on how I was more mature than when the last school year ended. I have all of you to thank for that.

I have so many memories from the many years I've been here. All the laughs we shared, the occasional quarrels, sometimes sad stuff as well. But almost all of my memories of here are positive, and all those memories are sure to remain held dearly to me for the rest of my life.

I've found another community that I'm a part of, but honestly, nothing will replace each of you and all the fond memories I have of this place. I'll still edit here when I can, but I start college in about a month, so I won't always be around. Feel free to reach out to me on other sites like Twitter (my handle is @Spiderfog) or even on here as well. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

I sincerely love each and every one of you! Thank you all so much for the memories! <3

I hope everyone’s said everything that everyone felt needed to be said.

My Turn

I suppose, now, with everyone else’s out of the way, I should share my favorite experiences, eh? Kind of bait-and-switched you guys back there, didn’t I? Well,

I think I can look back at most any memory involving the high times of the Wiki (with the exception of items such as fights and so forth) as my favorite. The day I made that silly blog, back before Christmas, I was looking through some of our old admin emails, and was nearly pushed to tears. (had to, erm, hold them in, you know, other people in the hotel room, didn’t want to make them think I was insane again) Sure, you can say I’m just a melodramatic twat who enjoys rolling around in his own self pity, but I think we all made some friends here. I’m sure most of the regulars remember Steelearth, Ji, and Aquos rules. (If you guys are reading, what’s up? I’d love to hear from you after so long), and even though we had some moments in which the community could have been torn apart. I happen to go through Queenie’s LiveJournal again (thanks Log Horizon), and I think this one article pretty much sums it up: (Head’s up, cursing and such)

However, there were a few moments that stood out to me. One of them was when Airzel placed me as the “Father” of the Golden Clan. I really, at time, hadn’t the slightest interest in the thing, but it still meant a lot me.

The second was Kelly’s drawing (found at Letter-to-A2.jpg )

While, I may not be into the MLP fandom anymore, both of these events showed me something. While essentially we were all just faceless names on a screen, making slight changes to articles, sending “admin meeting” emails, messing around on chat, day in and day out, we somehow all became really close (inb4 one of us could be an old pervert remark, I’mma Knife you)

All Together Now

On a much less A2-feely-time note, I think everyone enjoyed the special Holiday known as “Thankskicking”. I don’t remember exactly how it was started (I’m sure DQ’s blog can reveal this), but all I know is that it because a Wiki tradition for us. This could also apply to the BD tournaments we would host, with the occasionally incompetent GM, or just having the game break altogether.

And then all the admins and such had “Judgement Weapons”, which always made me smile when I watched you guys mess around with them.

Since the demise of this site after the New York Toy Fair 2012, I really haven’t found a community where I felt more at home as this one. Sure, I run another active Wiki, but it really hasn’t given me the same sense of community that this one has. (not by a long shot) Whether it was a BD tournament, Thankskicking, or us just messing around on chat, being idiots, we all had fun together. We were an odd bunch, but it worked.


And all in all, I suppose I have so much I’ve left unsaid, ya know? We did so many things in the five year span that I’m having a hard time fitting into even an infinite amount of pages. I’m going to be moving away in a few months, getting my first smack in the face by the real world. I’m going to have to go through these events again, I suppose, as well as probably going to have to disengage myself completely from Wikia. Many of you are probably also going to go through similar transitions in your life; we’re all moving in different ways. But we’ve clung here, for one reason or another, and I think we’ve grown from it, in some way.

In the end, though, you could either call this blog a miserable excuse for a pity-partier, or something made by someone who actually cared enough about this site that he ran, and the people he met along the path, that he felt like one last remembrance would do it some good.

Respectfully yours, Abce2|Talk "Other" 04:27, March 24, 2014 (UTC)

And whatever your future, I wish you the best of luck with it.

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