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Typhoon's Revenge is the fifth battle in Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance.

After reuniting with Mira at the Crash Site, you decide to go back to Eva-Q8's ship to find the others. However, on the way back, Typhoon appears with intentions to take Wilda. Dan stands up to him, but Mira and Wilda end up battling Typhoon, with Mira stating they watched how Dan battled in the previous battle against Ceros. They win against Typhoon and proceed after he escapes.



  1. Pyrus Clawsaurus x9
  2. Aquos Ramdol x12
  3. Pyrus Clawsaurus x15/Aquos Ramdol x7
  4. Aquos Ramdol x32
  5. Haos Ramdol x30