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These are types of Ability Cards that exist in the series.

Normal Ability Cards[]


A Normal Ability Card

Regular Ability Cards allow Bakugan to perform an ability or an attack while increasing its own G-Power or/and decreasing opponent's G-power.

Special Ability Cards[]

These are Ability Cards that only work with specific Bakugan.

Evolved Ability Cards[]

PyrusCard Anime 2

Fusion Ability Cards[]

Fusion Ability Cards are Ability Cards similar to regular ones; however, they can fuse themselves after activating a certain Ability; for example, Dryoid could only use his Fusion Abilities after Murasane Blade was activated.

Doom Cards[]

Doom Card

A Doom Card

Doom Cards are Ability Cards that were used by Masquerade and his accomplices. When a player activates the Doom Card at the start of the brawl, any defeated Bakugan is sent to the Doom Dimension.

Forbidden Cards[]


A Forbidden Card

Forbidden Ability Cards are cards that Spectra used on his Viper Helios, and used it on Drago to turn him into Hex Dragonoid. He uses them again on Mega Brontes, Primo Vulcan and Elico to forcefully evolve them into Alto Brontes and Rex Vulcan, respectively.

Fusion Forbidden Cards[]

Fusion Forbidden Cards are just Fusion versions of Forbidden Cards, although they are a little different. They allow Hex Dragonoid to change his attribute.

Advanced Ability Cards[]

An Advanced Ability is an ability card that pushes the Bakugan it is used on to its limits, increasing its ability's power. If used carelessly it may kill the Bakugan it is used on.

Field Ability Cards[]

Field Ability Cards are ability cards that can be used out of battle or don't need a Bakugan to use the ability on. Some of these abilities don't even involve a Bakugan what so ever.

Brawl Starting Cards[]

A Brawl Starting Card is a card used to start a brawl.

Sword Cards[]

a Sword Card is a card that when used it creates an energy sword used for physical sword fights.

Battle Gear Cards[]

a Battle Gear Card is a card that activates the gear on your Bakugan.


  • Brawl Starting Card
  • Sword Card
  • Battle Gear Card
  • Forbidden Card
  • Fusion Forbidden Card
  • Advanced Ability Card
  • Ultimate Ability Card