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Two Sides of the Coin is the fifty-ninth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


The AO and Magnus take parallel tracks to retrieve the same piece of data, one that promises a breakthrough in the Bakugan phenomenon.


Lia finds out that Dan and Wynton put a video of them showing off the Core Cell online, which is a bad thing due to it being a private matter. Benton calls the AO and tells them they did a great job, they should rest up.

Meanwhile, an exhausted Magnus returns home, his sister is very worried that he pushes himself so hard for her. Magnus reflects on what happened in his battle with Dan, he knew he would lose everything if he lost, and he ended up failing. Magnus found the strength to claw out of the dark alleys when he and his sister were homeless, he could have risen to the top of AAAnimus Inc, but he lost against Dan. Magnus notices the video Dan and Wynton posted about the Core Cell, he then begins a search with the discovery that more Core Cells exist; eventually finding a source - Benton Dusk.

Magnus believes Dan Kouzo is connected with Benton Dusk and infiltrates Benton's HQ to find a way to get to the Core Cells, he hacks the system and flees, stealing the Core Cell data. Back at the hotel, the AO are woken up late at night by Benton, Benton tells them they need to move out immediately because part of the Core Cell map has been stolen. Dan and the others wonder how Benton's HQ was infiltrated so easily, only to find out that the perpetrator was a foe, Magnus.

Featured Brawls

  • Dan Kouzo (Kelion) vs. Wynton Styles (Turtonium) = Unknown result

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