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Turbine Hades (ターバインハーデス, Tābain Hādesu?) is a game exclusive evolution of Hades.



Turbine Hades has multiple dragon heads, the smaller of which can break away from his body to create multiple attacks. He has four arms and clawed feet, and he can destroy his opponents with a cyclone spin.

Physical Game

Like Turbine Helios and Turbine Dragonoid, the whole Bakugan will spin until it stands on a Gate Card or loses momentum when its ripcord is pulled. Turbine Hades is part of the Special Attack Bakugan series. This is because of a gyro in Turbine Hades. The Haos version has 650 Gs, the Darkus version has 640 Gs, The Aquos version has 790 Gs and the Subterra version  has 640 Gs.