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Turbine Dragonoid is a Turbine Bakugan and a variation of Dragonoid.



Turbine Dragonoid is a large dragon Bakugan that towers over others. Its wings are covered with a metallic alloy that acts like a shield when they are wrapped around its body. Its golden horn can eliminate another Bakugan with one mighty blow. It possesses one of the most scorching fire balls known in the Vestroia.

Physical Game

Its Special Attack feature is a fly wheel, the same as Turbine Helios and Turbine Hades. The fly wheel uses a ripcord to charge the wheel and when it is pulled out, the charge makes the Bakugan spin. The Pyrus version has 710 Gs.


  • Turbine Dragonoid is the only Turbine Bakugan who isn't found as a regular Bakugan with the same molding.
  • Hades, Cyborg Helios, and Turbine Dragonoid all have very similar details on closing and opening.
  • It resembles more of a Hades than a Dragonoid.
  • As a toy, Turbine Dragonoid's neck is very loose.
  • It is only released in two known attributes (Pyrus and Aquos).
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