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Trox (トゥロックス, Turokkusu?) is a Tyrannosaurus rex-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet. He is the Guardian Bakugan of Wynton Styles. A Pyrus Trox also appeared, controlled by Wynton's doppelganger.



Trox is unbelievably strong & loyal to Wynton. The two are a well-oiled machine in terms of how they battle. Despite looking like a raging dinosaur, Trox is thoughtful & strategic… unless he starts to lose or is in pain. Then, his beastly side comes to the forefront. With enough practice, Wynton & Trox might be a match for Dan & Drago… maybe.


Bakugan: Battle Planet

Bakugan Armored Alliance

Physical Game

Ventus Trox Core can be found in single packs from wave 1 of "Battle Brawlers". He has a B-Power of 500 and a damage rating of 1. Various other attributes of Trox Core can be found, including a Diamond Trox in the rare Diamond Maxotaur Starter Pack.

Wave 2 of "Battle Brawlers" introduced Trox Ultra, whose magnet is located on his chin. Ventus, Aquos, and Diamond versions of Trox Ultra have been found.

Attribute B-Power
Ventus 300B (Ultra - BP), 500B (Core - BP), 500B (Core - AA), 500B (Ultra - BP/AA)
Pyrus 100B (Core - AA), 300B (Ultra - BP), 500B (Core - BP), 500B (Ultra - AA)
Aquos 200B (Core - BP), 300B (Core - AA), 400B (Ultra - BP), 500B (Ultra - AA)
Darkus 700B (Core - BP), 700B (Ultra - AA), 700B (Ultra - AA)
Haos 300B (Core - BP), 300B (Core - AA), 800B (Ultra - AA)
Aurelus 600B (Core - AA), 700B (Ultra - AA), 800B (Core - BP)
Diamond 700B (Core - BP), 1200B (Ultra - AA), 1400B (Ultra - BP)

Ability Cards

  • Sonic Uproar: Trox Fires a Ring-Like Wind Attack on Opponents
  • Ventus Rock Throw:
  • Ventus Mirage: Trox creates multiple mirages of himself, if any mirage is hit by an attack it will vanis
  • Petrification:
  • Rock Riser:
  • Crystal Rock Riser:
  • Crystal Quake:
  • Deafening Roar:
  • Etropic Blast:
  • Wild Strike:
  • Ventus Body Slam:
  • Trox's Moxy:
  • Tiger Reflex:
  • Stonehide:
  • Recycling Boost:
  • Piercing Scream:
  • Roaring Thunder:



  • Trox's green parts are camouflage colored.


  • It remains unknown if Trox will return in Bakugan: Geogan Rising.
  • The second dinosaur-like Bakugan since Saurus.