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Trhyno Lives! is the nintieth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


When the AO and Magnus form an alliance to free the Golden Bakugan, their differences lead to a horrible sacrifice for Dan and Lia.


Wynton and Shun find a hole in the security system of Dusk Industries, they find a map and find Trhyno's location. At the headquarters, there appears to be nobody inside, something has definitely changed, and they find themselves being chased by possessed Dusk Industries grunts. Our heroes manage to escape through the elevator, and the elevator conveniently leads to Trhyno's room. The AO discover that the infection has worsened, so they send out Cyndeous and Gorthion to break him free from the chains, only to find themselves confronted by Benton and his minions, this was all a trap!

To save Trhyno, the AO, Riot, and Magnus must take down Benton/Tiko, everyone has a score to settle. Toshi tells Shun to join him, he mentions that he was surprised Ichiro and Masato survived the explosion. The Bakugan clash with the Bakuzon Bakugan, but Tiko's power allows his allies power to grow, Dan and Magnus respond by evolving their Bakugan.

The other brawlers attempt to use BakuCores, but Benton prevents them by using a device. With no access to BakuCores, Benton's allies defeat everyone except for Dan and Magnus. Shun tells Dan that they need to retreat and regroup, he activates the Mobile Gate but it the signal turns out be jammed by Benton. Dan and Magnus are not running away, all they need to do is to defeat Tiko and end this fight once and for all. Benton sends out Hydranoid to defeat Dan and Magnus, its Shocking Blast attack is launched and it knocks back Drago and Nillious. Hydranoid uses another attack on Trhyno but Gorthion and Cyndeous jump in to prevent the attack, turning back into ball form with the V Virus. With nowhere to run, Trhyno uses his last strength to allow the heroes to escape through a portal.

Featured Brawls

  • The Awesome Ones, Magnus Black, and China Riot vs. Benton Dusk, Col. Tripp, Toshi, Brakken, and Callous (Hydranoid, Lupitheon, Garganoid, Trunkanious, and Zentaur) = No result, the AO, Riot, and Magnus retreat)

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