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Too Much is the seventy-fifth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.



Having saved the Core Cell and Magnus from Tiko's control, everything is back to normal and Dan and the others are back home. However, there still is the issue of Tiko being out there and is actively seeking out Core Cells to take over Vestroia. In the meantime, they train with their Bakugan to prepare for any future fights with Tiko.

At Benton's office, Benton realizes that his open-source project is becoming a mistake, the V Virus and Tiko must be eradicated before humanity is destroyed; a V Virus vaccine was created. Benton then feels a sharp pain, he discovers he was infected by the V Virus after Strata attacked him. Benton tries to use the vaccine but the virus comes back and hurts him.

The Awesome Ones train with their Bakugan, and after much exhaustion, they call their Bakugan back to find out the Drome didn't fix the destruction caused by their brawling. The Drome must be connected to the Core Cells, they conclude that perhaps the Core Cells and Vestroia are in bad shape.

Benton finds himself inside the Maze and finds Tiko, who says he has come to his side, Tiko transforms and hits Benton with some kind of dark power, leaving him with a shadowy mark on the back of his neck. Benton wakes up to find himself back in his office, wondering what is going on, not knowing Tiko has taken control of him.

Featured Brawls

  • Dan Kouzo (Kelion) vs. Wynton Styles (Turtonium) vs. Lia Venegas (Cubbo) vs. Shun Kazami (Fade Ninja) vs. Lightning (Artulean) = Unknown Result
  • Dragonoid vs. Kelion and Turtonium = No result, battle withdrawn
  • Lupitheon vs. Fade Ninja = No result, battle withdrawn

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