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    Hello! My name is Jadium, and I would like to introduce myself as the Wiki Manager for this community. I will be available for any type of question relating to the wiki, editing, social issues and overall maintenance concerns. I will also be your fast contact for issues full time Fandom staff need to address. Any type of inquiry, I will be here to listen and do my absolute best to find the correct solution. If there is anything you need more clarification on with my role, please let me know!

    Nice to meet you!

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    • Hi. Um, nice too meet you too, but, if I can ask why are you assigned here? I mean, there were already two people assigned here (though they were not wiki managers). One was a community manager and the other was a content team member. 

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    • Sorry, if that sounded rude btw.

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    • Yes! I am working alongside the Community Manager Zoe to support this wiki. It's an overall group effort to make sure we cover all our bases and give the best possible assistance. :)

      My role will be the general contact for any type of problem to arise and I'll be able to pull in the correct person to resolve it, if I can't myself.

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    • Alright. I guess I just found it a bit weird/unnecessary that there is a third person that is a member of a certain global group that has been assigned on here. Sorry, if I made you feel unwelcome though. 

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    • You're good ahah. It is better to ask questions than to wonder. We are all approachable and here to assist, so questions are never a bother.

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