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This Late Hour is the ninety-sixth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Shun, Lia and Masato square off against the Dusk Forces, but they are not alone when they are joined by Lt. Brenan and Kino.


Keiko and Koda take Ichiro Kazami to take care of his father, vowing to not leave his side until the Bakuzon has passed. Shun thanks them, and Keiko says while the V Virus was taking control of him, Shun's father used the last of his strength to allow her and Koda to get away safely. Lia then remembers her mom, and wonders if she is okay. Dan, Shargo, Philomena discuss ways to stop this Core Cell problem, Drago realizes that they need to go to the Great Core Cell in order to stop Tiko. Philomena believes that Tiko is strong, and even if they defeated Tiko, the infection might not be cured completely. Dan comes up with a solution, reminiscing about the Golden Drome and how the Bakugan battling cured the Bakugan.

The time has come for Tiko, his final battle to claim the Great Core Cell in order to rule the world. Wynton, Magnus, Riot, Pyravian, and Goreene are setting up defenses to prepare for Tiko's attack while Shun and Lia are preparing to leave to regroup with their friends. A giant Bakuzon appears, striking a building, Lia sends out Pegatrix to protect her mother, but the giant Bakuzon won't back down, it grapples all of the heroes Bakugan! It seems like there is nothing for the heroes to do until familiar faces appear - The Exit Team has returned! Lia gets confused and asks who they are, but the angry Exit Team responds that they met before when they fought them in the colosseum. The Exit Team joins the battle, as they needed to stand up or else they will be stuck in the little leagues forever. The story they tell doesn't get to continue though, as the fight between the giant Bakuzon continues. With the combined strength of Hyper Hydorous, Pegatrix, Serpenteze, and the Mantonoids - the giant Bakuzon is defeated.

Lia reunites with her mother, safe and sound, but their reunion is in short notice as Benton's forces are on the move. Lia joins her friends to protect the Core Cell, vowing to come back home after she saves the world. Back at Dusk Industries, a scared Kravitz is confronted by Dan Kouzo and Philomena, who seek her help.

Featured Brawls

  • Lia, Shun, Masato, and The Exit vs. Giant Bakuzon = Lia, Shun, Masato, and the Exit win

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