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The Mask of Pride is the seventy-first episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Driven by revenge, Magnus decides to go back into the labyrinth, face the AO and claim the Fortus Core Cell energy for himself.


Magnus has gained a new power from the infected Core Cell, the Awesome Ones are shocked what happened to Magnus, his device has changed. Magnus wants to get rid of Trhyno, so he commands Nillious to attack him, Magnus defeats Trhyno thanks to the new power he has gained, aiming to defeat anyone who gets in his way. Benton looks for the infected Trhyno and puts him in a bag to investigate and heal him.

The Awesome Ones use their main partners to battle the powered up Nillious, even in their Hyper forms, Nillious still stands without a scratch. Magnus shows his power off to the AO, and activates Darkus Super Evolution, evolving Nillious further into Titan Nillious. Titan Nillious easily defeats Trox, Pegatrix, Hydorous, and Howlkor with Shadow Fog. Magnus tells Dan that he always thought of him as a thorn in his side, he doesn't understand his own power and he will show him pain and despair. Hyper Drago and Titan Nillious clash, but Drago's Dual Strike does nothing as Titan Nillious just absorbs the attack with Shadow Drain; Even Drago's Fury doesn't land a scratch. Magnus finishes off Dan with a powerful Double Blast attack, defeating Drago. Magnus laughs as he has defeated Dan Kouzo, but he suddenly feels strange, becoming posessed by Tiko, who claims him as his servant. Tiko controls Magnus and forces him to open a portal, allowing Magnus to escape.

Featured Brawls

  • Magnus Black (Nillious) vs. Trhyno = Magnus Black wins
  • The Awesome Ones (Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, Hydorous, Howlkor) vs. Magnus Black (Nillious) = Magnus and Nillious win

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Bakugan Debut

  • Titan Nillious

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