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The Healing Challenge is the ninety-first episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


As the AO struggle to hold together, a discovery is made involving the Golden Bakugan.


After narrowly escaping Tiko, the heroes went deep into the Maze to attempt to heal Trhyno, but their efforts are futile. Pyravian and Goreene appear, noticing Trhyno doesn't have the strength to speak anymore, they know the AO have been doing everything they can to fight Tiko in the surface. Tiko's impact on The Maze and Earth have been growing worse, the Core Cells are hard to protect due to the rising numbers of Bakuzon.

Pyravian and Goreene use their power to attempt to heal the infected Bakugan, it cures Gorthion and Cyndeous, but Trhyno's condition is too advanced. It seems like there is nothing everyone can do, but there is one more option; to go inside Trhyno's body and destroy the V Virus directly, but only one individual can go inside. Everyone starts to argue who will go inside Trhyno to heal him, so Shun decides to create a ballot - Wynton wins. Drago, Goreene, and Pyravian hears Trhyno's voice, so Dan and Drago decide to go because they believe Trhyno wants them to. Back at Dusk Industries though, Benton's global network is almost complete, but Tripp informs them Trhyno is attempted to be healed in The Maze.

Goreene and Pyravian use their powers to create a Golden Drome so the two can enter Trhyno's body, it's up to Dan and Drago to save Trhyno from the infection now.

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