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The Golden Secret is the sixty-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet.


Using Strata’s gauntlet, the AO think they’ve found a way through the labyrinth, but soon discover trusting the enemy is not always best.


Strata is taken to the Dusk Industries Medical Lab after his breakdown, Benton tells the Awesome Ones to leave the rest to him, as Dan and co. wonder what happened to Strata in the Maze. Wynton uses Strata's gauntlet and finds video clips of Strata running through the Maze where he finds a cylinder-like Core Cell and they discover Strata was attacked by Tiko.

The Awesome Ones follow the route from Strata's gauntlet to find the Core Cell, but they have to get through dangerous traps along the way. They eventually manage to find the Core Cell, but it is being guarded by a golden Bakugan named Trhyno. The angry Trhyno believes Dan and the others are going after to the Core Cell, Drago protects the kids and dodges the attacks. Drago then gets hit by an ice attack that freezes part of his wing, causing him and the others to fall into a portal, forcing them out of the Maze.

Featured Brawls

  • Dan Kouzo (Drago) vs. Trhyno = No outcome, Drago and the AO are forced out of the Maze

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